9 Awesome Electronic Gadget Gifts for Him

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Are you shopping for electronic tech gifts for one of your favorite guys? Maybe it’s your husband or partner who would love a 3D printer to test out their skills. Or your teenage son who is suddenly obsessed with drones and has been hinting for one of his very own.

Maybe it’s your young nephew who could use a cool gadget gift or a close friend who loves gag gifts with a techie twist. No matter what male you’re buying a gift for (or why) the right techie gadget could be exactly the thing to make his day. You just need to figure out which one of these is the way to go.

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1. Creality Comgrow Ender 3 3D Printer

Creality Comgrow Ender 3 3D Printer Image

When it comes to technology there’s really nothing better than a 3D printer, whether it’s a birthday gift for teens or a pick-me-up for the gadget-loving guy in your life. These printers provide you with a whole lot of options for things to create and they’re definitely going to be a whole lot of fun.

With this one, you can download any plans that you want online or you can create your own, which makes it a great choice for those who are more creative.

Anyone is going to enjoy the upgraded features as well as open-source programming. Also, if you happen to lose power in the middle of a print, it’s no problem. This unit can restore from where you left off. It only takes a couple of hours to assemble and you’ll be building your next 3D model in no time. Plus, it’s super quiet when it runs, so there’ll be no loud machinery sounds in your home.

2. Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Image

If your special someone doesn’t have one of these already then they definitely should. An Echo Dot is a simple but effective smart home device that lets anyone control all of the different smart devices in your home. It’s small and fits just about anywhere you want but it’s still plenty powerful and capable of doing just about anything throughout your home.

The speaker quality is great and it can control your music, answer questions, dim lights, or manage temperature settings with smart home. If you have multiple devices they can even communicate with one another to let others in your house know what’s going on or give updates.

Not to mention there are plenty of connectivity features for other people and there are plenty of privacy settings that keep you protected.

3. WATOTGAFER Sleep Headphones

WATOTGAFER Sleep Headphones Image

Just because it’s time for bed doesn’t mean that your guy is done listening to his favorite music or podcasts. That’s where this mask comes in. It’s one of those great gadget gifts for him, especially if he always needs complete darkness and loves listening to something while falling asleep. They work via Bluetooth connection to a device and give you up to eight hours of play time.

You’ll only need to charge them for about two hours to get a full charge and then you don’t have to worry about anything. The mask itself is comfortable and soft, so you won’t have a problem wearing it all night. The Bluetooth speakers are of high quality so you can hear your device crystal clear. You can also wash it by hand or in your washing machine (if you take the Bluetooth module and wires out of it).

4. MOKOQI Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

MOKOQI Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe Image

Sometimes you just want a fun toy to play around with or to watch and that’s exactly what this gadget is all about. It’s a magnetic, levitating globe that has LED lights and more. It looks great sitting on a desk, no matter where that desk might be. You can set it up in your home or office and when you’re bored or looking for a way to relax it’s going to be the perfect way to do it.

This levitation globe is actually just the right size to be a centerpiece but still leave plenty of space for working at your desk. Not only that but it works easily, so you can set it up and start watching it in no time. The globe is designed to be completely accurate, with all of the countries of the world depicted on it, so it serves as an educational tool for children.

5. Rostmarygift Wooden Docking Station

Rostmarygift Wooden Docking Station Image

If your special someone has a whole lot of gadgets then this could be a great way to help them get organized. While it’s not electronic in and of itself, a way to organize all the bits of tech we carry with us each day can be a lifesaver for gadget-lovers.

This docking station holds everything, including their watch, mobile device, keys, wallet, and more. That way, everything is right where it needs to be. It’s also made with quality birch plywood and even has a mirror to make sure they’re ready to go in the morning.

There’s a satisfaction guarantee included and with each of the pieces you’ll know just what belongs there because they’re all cut out to fit just right. It’s also easy to assemble, so you don’t have to worry about how to get it ready to use for the first time. Set it up on any table and you can make sure they’re ready to go anywhere, anytime.

6. Aisuo Night Light

Aisuo Night Light Image

Who knew that a night light could be so much fun? This one definitely is because it lights up in several different colors. It also works as a full lamp, a digital calendar, an alarm clock, and a Bluetooth speaker. That means you can have everything that you need right there at your side while you’re sleeping or if you’re resting before or after a good night’s sleep.

The lamp itself has touch control and supports several different input devices. It looks great and offers you 48 different colors and three different levels of brightness. You’ll have a Hi-Fi speaker and up to 33 feet of range from your smart device. Plus, the whole thing has a long play time without being plugged in and offers a guarantee so you know you’re getting something you can count on.

7. Tocode Harold Travel Backpack

Tocode Harold Travel Backpack Image

A quality backpack is a good idea no matter how old (or young) that man in your life might be. This one comes in several different colors and provides you with charging cables and a headphone port so you can charge your devices no matter where you’re going. No more searching for an outlet because your phone or even your laptop is running low on battery.

It’s not one of the electronic gadget gifts for him that he’ll probably be expecting, so it certainly has the element of surprise!

You’ll also get a password lock on the bag, which secures your items even more and you can hold up to a 17.3” laptop along with all of your other gadgets. There are plenty of pockets to keep everything organized and the whole thing is water resistant and spill resistant. It’s also ventilated and padded to keep you more comfortable.

8. Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Kasa Smart Plug TP Link Image

This smart plug is great for anything that you want to control with your smart speaker or other electronic gifts. That’s because it’s designed to work with Alexa, Echo, and Google Home devices as well as IFTTT. You don’t even need a hub to use it as a remote control tool. But what’s going to be even more fun is that it lets you set schedules for whatever you plug into it.

You’ll get a single outlet here that offers complete control directly from a smart device or your phone. It’s easy to install and use through the app and you can control it even if you’re not actually at home. It works with just about any pluggable device and you don’t need to go through training in order to figure out how to work it.

9. Funny Tech Support Checklist Mug (Budget Winner)

Funny Tech Support Checklist Mug Image

If you have a tech-loving partner who always seems to be the one getting phone calls about something wrong with a gadget then this should be one of the electronic gadget gifts for him that you consider, despite it not exactly being electronic.

It’s actually a mug for their favorite hot beverages and has a cute checklist for anyone that might be thinking about calling them up or interrupting whatever task they’re working on to ask a question that probably doesn’t take that much work.

If your special someone needs a mug and tends to serve as the office (or family) tech person, then choose the right size mug for them and you’ll be all set. It has a large handle and it can even be put in the microwave and the dishwasher, so it’s ready for anything, and your friends will definitely be happy to show it off.

Wrapping up the Top Electronic Gadget Gifts for Him

If you have a techie dad in your life who’s celebrating a special occasion then you’re definitely going to need some electronic gadget gifts for him. All of the gifts in this list are designed to bring out his geek side and let him have a little more fun. Then, when his turn to buy a gift rolls around, he can check out these gifts for her.

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