9 Best Drone Gifts for Father’s Day

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It’s Father’s Day again, and you know what that means. Presents! But what do you buy for good old dad, especially if he’s hard to shop for?

Fathers are notorious for liking socks with sandals, car parking as an Olympic sport, and funky space-age gadgets. These days the newest, hottest, most captivating gadget is a drone.

No matter where your dad is at in his drone journey, whether he’s a brand new pilot or a seasoned flyer, the perfect gift is here for him. To help you choose the best option for your beloved dad, we’ve narrowed down the best drone gifts for Father’s Day for the ultimate gadget-geek high-flying father.

1. Force1 U49WF (Overall Winner)

Force1 U49WF Image

For those not prepared to mortgage their home for Father’s Day and yet still want to celebrate Dad’s drone dreams should consider the Force1 U49WF. This quadcopter is an ideal gift for the drone enthusiast for a number of reasons.

If Dad isn’t ready for the intimidating/impressive top-of-the-line drone, this reasonably priced drone can be a perfect introduction. With Altitude Hold to enable easier shooting, a 720p, 120-degree wide-angle camera, enabled wifi, and first-person-view app control, this small but mighty drone delivers ease, quality, and fun.

2. UAV Pilot Logbook

UAV Pilot Logbook Image

While a flight log is not required, it is recommended by the FAA. Therefore, one way to celebrate Father’s Day, without delving too much into technology, is an attractive logbook.

This 2nd Edition Pilot Logbook expands on the possible data types making it useful for all levels of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilots, beginner through expert. Tracking everything from equipment to flight data, plus courses and exams, this useful item provides easy record-keeping in a portable setup. Available in paperback or hardback for that extra special touch.

3. DJI Mavic Air 2

DJI Mavic Air 2 Image

Go big or go home, right? For the serious drone enthusiast, Tech Radar cites the DJI Mavic Air 2 as the best drone on the market making it the most impressive item on our best drone gifts for Father’s Day gift guide. (And the most expensive. Just a heads up.)

Capturing 48MP photos, 4k/60fps video, and able to transmit up to six miles away, this impressive drone delivers in all areas. Intelligent tracking modes including locking on a subject and keeping a subject centered can take anyone’s drone photography to the next level. Max speed is 42.3 mph and the estimated flight time is 34 minutes.

4. Laser Launchers 2-Player Set

Laser Launchers 2-Player Set Image

As a surprising item on the best drone gifts for Father’s Day is this durable, kid-friendly Laser Tag Guns and Drones set.

If Dad is a drone geek, this ageless game might be the best way to celebrate on Father’s Day. Instead of laser tag, it’s DRONE laser tag! Launch two drones and keep firing, and hitting them to keep them aloft.

The target drones are enabled with LED lights so the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. The Laser Tag Blaster, which comes in red and blue, is loaded with four different shooting modes. Think outside the box and make a memory this Father’s Day.



With more capable and expensive drones on the list, you might be wondering why this SNAPTAIN mini drone is here at all. Because we all have to start somewhere.

Learning to confidently and competently fly a drone takes time and practice and you don’t want to risk an expensive and highly-technical piece of equipment during that tumultuous time. That’s why this reasonably priced, “throw’n go” quadcopter is a perfect piece of starter equipment and one of the best drone gifts for Father’s Day.

This hand-operated RC quadcopter mini drone has all the bells and whistles of more sophisticated machines in a hardy, user-friendly system. It even comes with three remotes!

Offering a shorter flight time with limited distance for control, this battery-powered LED UAV focuses on fun and functionality for the beginner. Pay special attention to the G-sensor watch remote to facilitate in-air flips and other flying tricks.

6. Drones: The Complete Collection by Brian Halliday

Drones: The Complete Collection by Brian Halliday Image

This best-selling, three-in-one book is packed with relevant and useful information to help anyone graduate their UAV piloting from beginner to master.

Drones: The Professional Drone Pilot’s Manual walks readers through a step-by-step guide to assist with choosing a drone all the way through to commercial projects.

Drones: Mastering Flying Techniques works to build the reader’s flying skillset and develop the proper mindset toward drone use.

Finally, Drones: Fly Your Drone Anywhere Without Getting Busted supports the more rogue hobbyists with legal methods and proven techniques to fly safely, anywhere.

Because of its comprehensive guidance, we felt it was one of the best drone gifts for Father’s Day. Whether dad is just beginning to consider getting a drone or is already an expert pilot, this gift delivers some excellent information.

7. Drone FAA 107 License Study Guide by Damon Darnall

Drone FAA 107 License Study Guide by Damon Darnall Image

Damon Darnall is known as The Drone Boss, so when he writes about how to study for the FAA Part 107 test, it’s a good chance he knows what he is talking about. Because of its practicality and usefulness for the drone pilot, this book certainly ranks among the best drone gifts for Father’s Day

FAA Part 107 oversees small unmanned aircraft operations and commercial drones weighing less than 55 pounds. If your Drone Dad plans on flying his drones commercially, this 60-question, multiple-choice test is vital.

The Drone Boss’s Drone FAA 107 License Study Guide prepares the test-taker with knowledge of rules and regulations, in-flight weather adjustment, and an explanation of the National Airspace, among others.

8. EaglePro Drone Racing Obstacle Course (Budget Winner)

EaglePro Drone Racing Obstacle Course Image

Flying a drone is hypnotizing both in the machine itself and in the images they deliver. But if floating high in the air isn’t quite exciting enough, this drone racing obstacle course will help refocus the flying father on the dynamic and challenging possibilities.

Easy to set up, portable, and made from flexible plastic to protect the drones when controlled by kamikaze pilots, this neon orange obstacle course is our budget winner for its budget-friendly price as well as a challenging, fun, engaging gift for the drone enthusiast.

The hoops of the course are 25″ wide and designed to accommodate most drones up to 15″. Course difficulty can be easily adjusted by reimagining hoop placement.

9. Star Wars 74-Z Speeder Bike Battle Drone (Wild Card)

Star Wars 74-Z Speeder Bike Battle Drone Image

Whether a fan of the old school trilogy or introduced to it during the dreaded Jar Jar Binks era, Star Wars remains one of the greatest films of the 20th century. All dads have dreamt of riding a speeder bike while slicing through the forest of Endor. (Ok, not just dads.) And now with this “high-performance battling drone,” that dream can come true.

However, if Dad is a serious drone enthusiast, you might want to bypass this item. The reviews aren’t great and it lacks a lot of the technical details of a more professional product. But, you can’t put a price on nostalgia, and depending on the father in your life, this might be worth a look.

For Our Fatherly Flying Aficionados

Drone flying and photography is a growing hobby/industry. Luckily that creates a wide range of possible gift ideas; both a blessing and a curse to the gift-giver. Whether you know what a three-axis gimbal does or not, it’s possible to find something to properly celebrate Father’s Day within the drone world.

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