10 Best Drone Birthday Gifts for Kids

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Is it just me, or can drones be an intimidating hobby? The language, the models, the features, and the accessories can all be so much to take in. That’s before including things like licenses and flight logs. Geez. How do you dig into all of that to try and find a gift?

Plus, how do you know if that gift is appropriate for a kid? Kids aren’t always the most careful human beings. Personally, I remember a shattered ostrich egg that my parents were none too happy about. However, kids do grow up, so the best gifts grow with them and continue to challenge them. A drone definitely promises to do that.

The right drone birthday gifts for kids must be rugged, engaging, challenging, and (with any luck) economical. Let’s see if we can find some.

Lumoid Recommended

1. Top Race Drone Clip

Top Race Drone Clip Image

Let’s be very clear, this item does not include a drone. However, the Top Race Drone Clip is our overall winner because it can turn any drone (and if you don’t already have one, we can suggest a few later in this article) into every kid’s dream. Why? It’s a remote-controlled object launcher!

The Top Race Drone Clip Object Launcher makes no attempt to hide its purpose. It’s pretty clearly spelled out in the name. Ideally meant for a larger drone, such as a DJI Phantom 4 or Syma X8W, the drone clip effortlessly attaches to the underside of the drone. Able to remotely launch up to 180 feet, the clip holds any manner of items as long as they are not too heavy; up to seven ounces.

Manufacturer suggested use includes nefarious deeds like dumping confetti over a guest’s head or launching a water balloon. (Full transparency: the manufacturer suggests dropping the water balloon on your kids. I won’t tell if you won’t.) Regardless, if the idea of using a water balloon appeals to you, they include one with the clip.

Due to its economical price point, the fact that it could give new life to an already purchased item, and the fact that a kid could launch a water balloon, we confidently chose the Top Race Drone Clip as an exceptional option among drone birthday gifts for kids.

2. DROCON Mini Drone

DROCON Mini Scouter Image

If the kid in your life is unrelenting about wanting a new drone for their birthday, you might want to consider the Mini Drone from DROCON.

The Mini Drone performs all the basic functions of a drone, but with features designed to make flying and enjoying a drone an engaging hobby, even for beginners.

Sporting multi-level speed functions, one-key return, altitude hold, headless mode, and equipped with an LED searchlight, this agile drone delivers on amenities. But the Mini Drone’s flying functionality performs as well with stunts and flips, self-rotation, and fixed-point circular flight.

If all of that didn’t impress you, just wait! The Mini Drone folds up to just over three inches square for easy and compact transportation. DROCON even designed the drone with soft propeller guards to keep kids safe.

3. Force1 Stunt Riders 2-in-1 Mini Drone

Force1 Stunt Riders 2-in-1 Mini Drone Image

The Force1 Stunt Riders 2-in-1 Mini Drone is a standout when it comes to the crowded world of drone birthday gifts for kids, because of its rider. This mini drone includes a daredevil action figure, decked out in a spaceman scuba suit and helmet, to sell the fantasy of flying through the skies.

The Stunt Riders 2-in-1 Mini Drone comes with all the expected drone functionality: headless mode, 1-key start and stop, altitude hold, and variable speed levels. You can choose to have the rider riding on top of the drone or hanging precariously below. However, the rider cannot go from hanging to riding. It must be one or the other.

Predictably, the Force1 Stunt Riders 2-in-1 Mini Drone is on the small side, measuring just under six inches tall and four inches long and promises a six to eight-minute flight per each 50-minute charge.

4. Force1 Scoot Drone

Force1 Scoot Drone Image

Most kids these days are used to having things in their hands like phones, remote controls, joysticks, or handfuls of chocolate. So removing the remote control altogether is a daring and new approach to drone flying which makes the Force1 Scoot, a hand-operated drone, extra fun.

The Scoot is a hand-operated drone designed to be easy to fly. This self-flying drone uses motion sensors for easy and responsive flying and a one-key remote for launching and landing. Start flying your drone by simply tossing it into the air, an addictive feature for any new drone enthusiasts. It charges for eighty minutes and flies for six.

5. How Do Drones Work” by Baby Professor

How Do Drones Work Image

A drone seemingly defies gravity by hovering gracefully in the air, when in actuality, the mechanics of a drone are both fascinating and essential. If you have a child interested in drone piloting, “How Do Drones Work?” by Baby Professor will provide a more thorough understanding of the drone, its mechanics, and the science behind it.

Walking through the history and into the technology, this book will enlighten youths about the physics and functionality of a drone. This book will be a valuable tool to introduce the complex ideas behind the invention of the drone.

6. DROCON Bugs 3

DROCON Bugs 3 Image

If the average flight time of a drone being six or eight minutes isn’t enough to entertain and engage the children in your life, then consider the DROCON Bugs 3. With its updated brushless motors, the Bugs 3 can fly for up to 15 or 20 minutes depending on use.

Not only that, the DROCON Bugs 3 has lightning-fast speed, boasting the ability to fly 1,000 feet in seconds while still maintaining control via the remote. There is a camera mount available if you have a GoPro. (Which is another gift idea for drone enthusiasts.)

Also able to withstand more rigorous wind conditions, the Bugs 3 means you’ll never have to choose not to fly due to weather. If stunts are your child’s thing, there is a 3D Flip stunt able to be performed at the push of a button. Learn more in our DROCON Bugs 3 review.

7. Drone Racing Obstacle Course Kit

EaglePro Drone Racing Obstacle Course Kit Image

Let’s face it, flying is fascinating, which is why we love drones, but if you’re not engaged by merely hovering a drone or even racing it, an obstacle course is the perfect way to keep your little ones flying.

The Eagle Pro Drone Racing Obstacle Course Kit comes with three easily-constructed gates to fly through. And no worries about damaging the expensive drone if you fly into a gate; they are constructed of a flexible plastic meant to protect the drone at all costs.

Able to be used as a racing course or a more technical course, the gates, measuring 25 inches across and 31 inches high, are able to be taken apart and put together in a snap, meaning traveling to more drone-friendly grounds is very easy.

Full transparency: the Amazon listing shows a landing pad that is not mentioned anywhere else on the product page. But if a landing pad piques your interest, keep reading.

8. Potensic A20 Mini Drone

Potensic A20 Mini Drone Image

Recognized by Lumoid as one of the best drones for kids, the Potensic A20 Mini Drone delivers a long flying time, a phone-friendly remote control, and easy stunts. With all the amenities of larger, more professional drones such as one-key takeoff or landing and altitude hold, the A20 Mini Drone takes it a step further!

Draw a flight path on your cell and watch the drone follow it! Use your phone as a means to fly the drone using gravity sensors that respond to movements to your phone. (I want to make that clear. The drone responds to the movement of the phone, not movement on the phone. How cool is that?)

The A20 Mini Drone packed three batteries into their device to extend the flying time to around 20 minutes. The remote control is compatible with Android or iOS to experience a real-time transmission from the drone! On top of all that, the A20 comes with a camera too.

If this looks like it could be the drone gift for your kid, check out our Potensic A20 Mini Drone review to get the full details.

9. X20 Micro Drone

X20 Micro Drone Image

There are drones. There are mini-drones. But then, there are micro-drones. The X20 Micro Drone is so small, the manufacturer claims it will fit in a pocket! (At your own risk…) With a slim profile measuring just over four inches square and less than an inch thick, the X20 packs a lot of flying into those micro dimensions.

The X20 offers speed variations, altitude hold, LED lights, one-key takeoff and landing, and a one-key 360 roll. Minimize the stress and maximize the enjoyment with this easy-to-handle design. Flying time is limited to about five minutes; in other words, enough to play but not enough time to do damage.

10. Homga Drones Landing Pad (Budget Winner)

Homga Drones Landing Pad Image

While many focus on the drones, the many drone accessories leave a bounty of gifts to plunder; items such as the Homga Drone Landing Pad. It’s compact. It’s portable. It’s colorful. It’s waterproof. And it’s universal. I mean, come on, it’s a gift-giver’s dream! Plus, all of that for a very tolerable price. Treat your drone pilot and yourself. Why not?

If you’re looking for more basic stats, let me fill you in. The full radius is thirty inches. The pad is double-sided: one side is blue, the other orange. It folds up to a compact size and has its own carrying case. Included are thoughtful extras like reflective strips and landing nails.

Drone Birthday Gifts for Kids Bring the Fun

I think we successfully found options in the wide and wacky world of drones. Plus, we proved that you don’t need to know a lot about drones to identify the perfect drone birthday gifts for kids. You don’t have to know what altitude hold is to celebrate a kiddo’s birthday! But, side note, you might still want to try a drone for yourself. They are really fun.

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