11 Best Birthday Gifts Under $50 for Photographers

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When you’re faced with the challenge of buying a birthday present for a photographer in your life, it can be daunting to explore the choices. And even more difficult, is finding these gifts on a budget. We wanted to help ease your stress by presenting our collection of the best birthday gifts under $50 for photographers.

Below you will find a generous list offering universally applicable gift ideas for any level of photographer. Ranging from camera accessories to whimsical books, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect present for your photography lover, all within your budget.

1. Retro Photo: An Obsession by David Ellwand (Overall Winner)

Retro Photo. An Obsession Image

This is not one of the best photography gifts under $50 for photographers; it’s the ideal. There are no limits to the number of gadgets, accessories, and tech to gift your photographer, but this book celebrates their passion without burdening them with more clutter.

Retro Photo: An Obsession is an exploration of vintage cameras and the beautiful images they create. Your photographer will be able to explore the tempting tech from yesteryear and the unique colors, clarity, and details of their imagery.

This journey alongside author David Ellwand ranks as overall winner on our birthday gifts under $50 list because it’s thoughtful, interesting, camera-obsessed, and wonderfully budget-friendly.

2. QKOO 17pcs Filter Set

QKOO 17pcs Filter Set Image

It can be easy to fall into the thinking that all things are possible in post-production. And, yes, post-processing is a magical process. It should be noted, however, that there is an equal amount of magic in working with a photo in-camera. That’s why this plentiful universal filter set is a great gift for your photographer.

Adjusting light and seeing the immediate results in-camera is a thrill! Plus with each experiment with light and/or exposure, we learn more about the camera and the art of photography.

This filter kit comes with 17 varied filters as well as a universal mount and lens adapter sets promised to work with whatever equipment the photographer already has. Bonus: the filter holder works with popular filter brand Cokin to exponentially increase the number of filters available.

3. 20-Pack of JUANWE 4GB Flash Drives

JUANWE 4GB Flash Drives Image

If your photographer is considering trying their hand at running a photography business, we might recommend this bulk pack of thumb drives.

Yes, electronic photo delivery is possible, but in a business-mindset the effort of touchpoint of gifting a client with a thumb drive, that is ideally, ahem, branded with the photographer’s information, offers a lot of positives. This gift helps them take the next step into professionalism and branding.

4. Huion H610 Pro V2 Graphics Tablet

Huion H610 Pro V2 Image

A graphics tablet is a vital step for a photographer. The detailed work a tablet affords the photographer becomes essential as their photographic passion progresses. That’s why this graphics tablet from HUION is a great birthday gift for photographers.

This responsive and easy-to-install tablet has keys available for shortcut setups. Additionally, it is designed to respond to the angle of the user when using the included stylus.

Compatible with Mac and Windows as well as some Android phones, this gift means business and promises to challenge and grow your photographer.

5. FS FlashDisc Portable Softbox

FS FlashDisc Portable Softbox Image

This unique portable popup speedlight flash disc gives any photographer increased options for professional lighting while shooting either in-studio or on-location.

While there are a lot of collapsible softbox lighting adapters for flash heads, we are recommending this particular item because of the extra addition of a gray card on one side. The gray card is used to find proper exposure while shooting making it a vital tool.

Able to be folded to an extremely portable and tuckable size, and with the extra factor of gray card for exposure, this extremely useful item is a great addition to any photographer’s camera bag.

6. amzdeal LED Light Wand

amzdeal LED Light Wand Image

Investing in off-camera lighting doesn’t have to be a large and intimidating purchase. This useful, portable, light wand gives endless lighting options at an extremely budget-conscious price tag making it one of the best birthday gifts under $50 for photographers.

Whereas other lights are bulky, require stands, and create a tangle of cords, this slim light wand boasts three light temperature modes and adjustable brightness in the lightweight silhouette of a mere two inches. The wand extends just under two feet but delivers over 15 inches of light.

Battery-run, and usable for up to four hours, there will be no tangled cords and no limit to placement. Plus it comes with a storage case as a cherry on top!

7. ShinyBeauty Gold Sequin Backdrop

ShinyBeauty Gold Sequin Backdrop Image

If you want to boost your photographer to the next level of their photography for a reasonable budget, you might want to consider the wide array of backgrounds and backdrops available.

We are recommending this gold sequin backdrop because the sparkle of the sequins promises a big photographic punch for under $50. If that isn’t the taste of your birthday person, take a look around. But we warn you, it’s addictive to look at backdrop possibilities.

If your photographer already has a background stand and/or kit they are good to go, but if not, that’s a great gift bundle idea.

8. Emart Adjustable Background Stand Kit

Emart Adjustable Background Stand Kit Image

Did someone say background kit? If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly backdrop kit we recommend the Emart Adjustable Background Kit because they thought of everything so you don’t have to!

Not only does is this kit provide the traditional adjustable background stands and crossbar, but it also bundled sandbags, clamps, and a carrying case into the mix! Those items are invaluable and your photographer will be grateful to have them.

Full transparency: this is above our $50 limit, but only by .99 cents.

9. UBeesize 60-inch Tripod

UBeesize 60-inch Tripod Image

All tripods are not created equal. Sure, they all provide the same functionality, but the devil is in the details. This lightweight aluminum tripod delivers on functionality and details.

Able to extend up to five feet and rotate 360 degrees, the tripod does the basic job but in three color options. Thinking ahead, they included a universal cell phone mount and a Bluetooth-enabled remote shutter release as well.

The detail that really impressed us was the extra added functionality hook. Clearly, no space was wasted and they considered the numerous cords and accessories that often need a place to rest while shooting.

10. Collectible Antique Film Camera

Collectible Antique Film Camera Image

Sure, when considering birthday gifts photographers you might be tempted to lean toward pragmatic items, but if you want to get your photographer a gift that is a photography present that is simply “cool”, we’ve got you covered.

Photographers love cameras but investing in vintage cameras can be an expensive hobby. However, the geniuses at CollectiblesBuy created a gorgeous vintage-looking item without the weighty price tag.

Offered in two sizes, 10-inches and 22-inches, this standing camera replicates a mid-century film camera with gold accents, bellows, and wooden platform. We should note that not one piece of this item works. It is not a functioning camera nor is it life-size. But for the photographer who collects vintage cameras, this could be a great hit.

11. G-graphy Camera Backpack (Budget Winner)

G-graphy Camera Backpack Image

A camera bag is essential for every photographer as they grow. Juggling delicate lenses, awkward flashes, expensive camera bodies, and a myriad of accessories is a challenge. But this camera bag stands out with an extra punch of color that makes it the perfect birthday gift for photographers by allowing them to add personality into their camera storage.

This camera bag is a backpack style able to accommodate a couple camera bodies and three or four lenses. Of course the padded inserts are removable and adjustable so the photographer can choose the best layout for their gear. Additionally, there is a laptop sleeve on the back for the truly on-the-go photo geek.

But it’s the interior colors that tip the scales for this camera bag to make our list birthday gifts under $50 for photographers. Five eye-catching electric colors, and one traditional, are options for the interior lining and padded inserts.

We chose this camera bag as our budget winner birthday gift under $50 because it’s universally useful, with a taste of personality, for the right price. You can’t go wrong with this item.

It’s Easy to Find Birthday Gifts Under $50 for Photographers

You don’t have to spend a fortune to celebrate your favorite photographer on their birthday. And no one is expecting you to understand the many brands and the detailed specifications required to purchase lenses or camera bodies.

So keep it general, keep it fun and/or practical, and think about what would make that photographer smile. And if you can do that for under $50 you are definitely winning at life.

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