8 Best Flexible Tripods


Tripods are essential for any photographer that’s passionate about high-quality photography. Travel photographers, in particular, need to have a flexible and versatile tripod that can help them get the perfect shot no matter where you are. Be it a mountain top, the hood of your car, or a tree trunk, using a good flexible tripod can add a great dimension to your pictures and enhance them greatly.

If you don’t know what kind of tripod to get, consider how you’ll be using it. Below, we have compiled a list of the best flexible tripods on the market today. We’ve mentioned different aspects of each tripod, such as weight, compatibility, size, and of course, price.

1. Joby Gorillapod 5K Kit

Joby Gorillapod 5K Kit Image

This Joby GorillaPod 5K Kit is a favorite of photographers, and rightly so. It features a 360° panning bed and a 90° tilt for optimal position control. The tripod is compatible with a wide range of DSLRs, camcorders and GoPro devices. Since it is made of rubber, the tripod only weighs around 1.5 lbs.

Due to its perfect build, the Joby GorillaPod 5K is strong enough to support weight up to 11 lbs. This means that you can mount your DSLR along with a heavy-duty lens without fearing its safety. Its beady legs are designed to bend at any angle without much trouble and with a lot of precision. 

The GorillaPod is capable of mounting safely on branches, beams, and even magnetically attaching itself in different spaces to find the perfect spot for both portrait and landscape photography. Vloggers can also use it as a selfie stick by bending and adjusting the legs to suit the desired angle.

It can handle microphones, speakers, and video lighting equipment, though your device must not be overweight. For professionals willing to spend a substantial amount, this tripod is the most suitable option!

2. Fotopro Ufo-Basic Tripod for Mirrorless DSLR and Smartphones

Fotopro Ufo-Basic Tripod For Mirrorless DSLR And Smartphones Image

The UFO series by FotoPro presents amazing options for people looking to buy unique and flexible tripods. Just as the name suggests, this UFO Basic tripod is can easily bend and twist its legs to give you optimum angles for photography.

The flexibility of this tripod is evident from the fact that it can wrap itself easily around any object no matter what size it is. From barbed wire to a tree trunk, its non-slip build allows you to attach your camera at any position, anywhere. Made of rubber and aluminum, this DSLR-compatible tripod weighs around 215g and can support weight up to 2.64 lbs. 

Although this tripod isn’t ideal for heavier devices or additional gear, it is still a great option for lightweight devices. It is also suitable for traveling since it can support your device by wrapping around the most difficult places with various angles and adjustments. It serves not only in landscape or portrait photography but can also be used as a selfie stick for more intimate clicks, as a web-cam stand for your desktop and an ultimate vlogging tool.

Another plus point about this tripod is its waterproof and rustproof properties. You can use it wherever, and whenever, without giving much thought to the weather or surroundings. It is compatible with DSLR cameras attached to a small lens, GoPro cameras, and several smartphones. For its perfect build, versatility, and compatibility, this tripod can become a great companion for your camera kit.

3. Joby Gorillapod Magnetic 325

Joby Gorillapod Magnetic 325 Image

The Joby GorillaPod Magnetic 325 is commendably a wonderful tripod, owing to its flexibility, friction ball head, and lightweight build. With magnetic and bendable legs, it can easily fasten to uneven and vertical surfaces with maximum security and a 90° tilt. It is made of fine ABS plastic, Rare Earth Magnets, and a head made of stainless steel for easy and smooth adherence. 

It can smartly support weight up to 325g, and devices including small action cameras, smartphones, Pico projectors, and video lighting. Perfect for amateur photographers as well as professionals, this tripod is compact to the point of being carried around in your handbag or even pocket! For its remarkable versatility, multitude, and sturdiness, this tripod is our personal favorite as an additional gear for a professional’s camera equipment.

4. Universal Flex Tilt Head Z Mount Bracket Arca-Swiss Tripod

Universal Flex Tilt Head Z Mount Bracket Arca-Swiss Tripod Image

Compared to other flexible tripods, this one has a pretty different design. This tripod has a “Z” style mount with supportive tension screws. It is capable of firmly holding your device in place while attaining angles of all possible measures and adjustments, low and high angle shots and vertical or horizontal landscapes.

Interestingly, this tripod can support more than one device at once without wavering under the load. It weighs only around 0.33lbs and can be folded easily for quick compatibility. 

This tripod can support most DSLR cameras. Its thread screw hole and Arca-Swiss slot can also support video track slider, quick release plates camera rigs and monopods. Without using extra tools, this Z-shaped tripod can provide you with quick, secure access to the angle from where you want to take the picture. It does so by securely locking your camera in place using its wing-nut locking function.

It is made of CNC Machined Aluminum Alloy and can support weight up to 4.4lbs. A piece of good news for people interested in buying this tripod is that the Vikii Store offers a lifetime warranty of the product. 

5. Joby Gorillapod 3K Pro Kit

Joby Gorillapod 3K Pro Kit Image

This Joby GorillaPod 3K Pro is another version of the GorillaPod 5K, with a lesser price but nearly slightly different features. Unlike the 5K version, this one can handle cameras that weigh up to 6.6 lbs.

It is made of CNC machined sockets and Arca-Swiss ball head and can effortlessly handle mirrorless cameras. The tripod itself weighs around one pound and comes with a one year warranty. We highly recommended this for backpack travelers and photographers.

6. Ubeesize Flexible Premium Cell Phone Tripod S (Overall Winner)

Ubeesize Flexible Premium Cell Phone Tripod S Image

For those who can’t bear too much of a load in their pocket, this UBeesize Tripod is the best option in the market. Although it cannot support professional cameras or heavy-duty lenses, it is great for domestic use and traveling. It can amiably support GoPro cameras and smartphones. It comes with a quick-release plate for better performance and adapter accessory to accompany your device in the most difficult positions. 

It can support weight up to 1kg and can work with a wide range of smartphones by securely locking them in place. Its body is made of premium metal, and steel is reinforced with coating rubber and foam, and can stand as tall as 10.6″. The Kit comes with a three-year replacement warranty and includes a wireless remote shutter that is ideal for all sorts of landscape and portrait shots, selfies, group photos, and video recording. 

7. Joby Griptight Gorillapod Stand Pro

Joby Griptight Gorillapod Stand Pro Image

This version of the GorillaPod has been specifically designed to work with smartphones. It consists of a fancy clamping mount, metallic legs and premium security features for a safe cellphone photography experience. It can fit all smartphone ranging from 56mm – 91mm in dimension. It offers a 90° rotation and 150° tilt, offering exciting possibilities for mobile photographers. 

Due to lightweight structures, it can hang and attach anywhere, poles, branches, pipes, and even wires. The legs are made of rubber foot grips and can completely wrap to offer the best service. It weighs around 8.8 oz and has a multifunctional usage for all modes of photography.

8. iKross Flexible Tripod Holder (Budget Winner)

IKross Flexible Tripod Holder Image

The last one on our list is yet another versatile and multifunctional tripod. The iKross Flexible Tripod Holder is compatible with digital cameras, GoPro devices, and smartphones. It is the ideal pick for novice photographers. It weighs around 6.7 oz and has a travel-friendly design with a sturdy build and compatibility.

The iKross Flexible Tripod Holder has a pretty simple usage mechanism that makes your experience hassle-free. Its foam and rubber legs can bend in any shape, while the swivel ball head can rotate at 360° to capture images from literally every angle. 

Choosing Flexible Tripods

Choosing what tripod to get can be difficult. There are many different options available, and we understand that it can be confusing. When you’re deciding on which tripod to get, keep in mind the features that are most important to you. For example, do you need a tripod that’s durable or does price matter more to you? No matter what you focus on, you’ll find a flexible tripod for you on this list. 

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