7 Best Fake Security Cameras

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Being tasked with finding the best fake security cameras on the market seemed a little strange at first. Especially when the usual course of events is analyzing camera equipment to the nth degree. However, this is an area that should be noted for all photographers, as it’s more than likely that we want to keep all our precious equipment as safe as possible. Fake security cameras are also a great way to keep your home safe.

A full security camera system may not be viable for some for many reasons, so the fake versions can be a decent alternative. From small businesses to personal property, a deterrent can be just as effective as the real thing. As long as they look authentic and have the basic workings of the real units, i.e. blinky lights, this is a good starting point for many we have shortlisted on this list.

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1. WALI Bullet

WALI Bullet Image

The reason why these inexpensive units are at the top of the list, is due to their low price, looking the part, and design just like the real things. They come in a pack of four and each has a bright LED giving the resemblance that they are always on.

Simple to install, each camera can rotate 360 degrees and requires two AA batteries to power the LED. Meaning no wiring is needed. There’s even a bunch of decals that come with the cameras, saying ‘security camera’ just to let the unwanted know they are being watched. Coupling the low cost with authentic looks means the WALI Bullet tops our list as a great deterrent and authentic-looking units.

2. Armo Fake Security Cameras

Armo Fake Security Cameras Image

These Armo Fake security cameras are made to resemble the CCTV domes commonly found in shops or areas of public gatherings. They can be simply installed with a few screws, with each camera having flashing LEDs to show they are in use. These units can be used both inside and outdoors, but as the units don’t rotate, more observant types may spot them as being fake.

Cost-effective and reasonably authentic-looking, just maybe not as real looking at some of the other units on this list. However, for scenarios like retail outlets, they may be enough to deter an unsuspecting thief.

3. WALI Dummy Cameras

WALI Dummy Cameras Image

Another offering here in the form of a CCTV type unit, the WALI Dummy Cameras. These cameras come in a pack of two and have an 18-month protection plan for peace of mind. The base of the unit is white, with a black dome and red LED light within, which runs off two AA batteries.

These units are very easy to install and look the part to an extent, but it’s down to subjectivity how authentic a single LED light is with prevention in a black dome. Something that screams ‘we are looking at you’ is better than a unit that is more covert, as with this unit’s discreet black dome. However, for its cheap price and simple installation, it can be a good choice in the right circumstances.

4. IDAODAN Dummy Security Camera

IDAODAN Dummy Security Camera Image

Just like the units in our number one spot, the IDAODAN Dummy Security Cameras come in a pack of four and look like traditional security cameras. These also have 360 degrees of rotation, are powered from two AAA batteries, with a flashing LED light which has a five-second interval.

These cameras look the part to an extent, but aren’t as robust-looking as the WALI versions and the flashing LED is subjective to how convincing it looks. But, as with all the cameras on this list, these units are cheap to buy, very low maintenance, and do look the part from a distance. A possible alternative for shops and outdoor areas.

5. BNT Fake Security Camera

BNT Fake Security Camera Image

On first glance, the BNT dummy fake security cameras have the coolest design of the lot and with the white design, they stand out the most. Coming in a pack of four, each unit has a flashing LED light, but it only works at night. Each camera can be moved and positioned in a variety of directions. The plastic design means these things are lightweight and easy to install.

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, the only real downside is the nighttime-only LED. In all other respects, the cameras look very authentic and nearly hit our top spot for the best design. If the LEDs could be made to stay on at all times and considering the cost, these could be the ideal solution.

6. YSUCAU Solar Powered CCTV Security Camera

YSUCAU Solar Powered CCTV Security Camera Image

If you need a security camera to immediately stand out then the YSUCAU Solar Powered CCTV Security Camera could be an option. The design is like the units seen on commercial properties, large and easily seen. This unit has one flashing LED light and comes with its own solar cell, which can power the LED to an extent, but it’s far better to rely on internal batteries.

On the plus side, the unit has a heavy-duty construction, can be mounted to both walls and ceilings, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, if you get up close, it does look quite ‘plasticky’ which gives away some of its fake nature and if you totally rely on solar power, the LEDs will not come on at night. As a traditional-looking security camera and low-cost unit, this doppelganger has its uses.

7. F Finders & Co Fake Outdoor Security Camera (Budget Winner)

F Finders & Co Fake Outdoor Security Camera Image

You may be in the position where you only need one security camera, which is where the F Finders & Co Fake Outdoor Security Camera comes into play. It’s also the cheapest priced unit on the list and still looks like the real thing.

There’s enough directional movement in the bracket to set into most usable positions and the flashing LED is bright and clear, running off two AA batteries. The black color gives it a discreet look and a bunch of warning stickers are included to make it obvious that this is a security camera.

This unit looks the part and costs next to nothing, which means there is no excuse to mount one of these as a great deterrent. The only real downside is that it’s not the best solution for mounting onto a ceiling. In all other respects, a great solution.

Bottom Line on Fake Security Cameras

All the cameras, or should I say fake cameras, on this list are great solutions in the right context. They are all suited for home security and small retail premises, but you may have to opt for the real thing for large spaces and commercial areas.

When choosing one of these units you have to bear in mind the mounting location. Basically, a place where you would mount a real security camera, in plain view with lots of coverage. Looking like the real thing is key, as is durability. If you’re thinking of mounting one of these units outdoors, then don’t skimp on price as the more robust units will last the longest.

There’s also the consideration of design, so you want to opt for the unit that is most obviously seen in a particular scenario. In other words, it may not look authentic if you mount a CCTV unit sideways on an outside wall. It will just look out of context.

All the fake security cameras on this list will cover the functions they are intended for, with the added bonus that they are extremely cheap to buy.

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