6 Best Everyday Camera Backpacks

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Once you’ve purchased your camera and its equipment, you will quickly realize the importance of a robust, spacious, well-built camera bag to protect it. One small crack in your lens and all your hard-earned money goes down the drain. 

However, since you’ve purchased the camera and its equipment, you would want to use it to its fullest as well, by using it daily. After all, it was never purchased just to be set up at home. The best and safest way to take your camera and its equipment around is by investing in a good quality backpack that is comfortable and durable enough to use every day. 

However, you can’t just use any backpack to carry your camera’s equipment. It has to be a bag designed specifically for cameras. 

These custom backpacks are built from superior materials and cushioning to protect all your equipment from damage, so if you’ve finally decided to purchase an everyday camera backpack but aren’t sure which one to get, head on over to our guide to find the perfect one for yourself!

1. Thule Aspect (Overall Winner)

Thule Image

Thule makes some of the best camera backpacks for wildlife and nature photography. This particular backpack, the Aspect, contains a large, side opening area that can easily accommodate a DSLR along with a few lenses. There is also a stretch pocket in the lid to keep SD cards and other small camera accessories. 

In the back, there is a well-cushioned rear panel that can be used to stow away a large laptop, tablet, or a small drone. The bag’s comfortable straps and removable, padded hip belt provide extra support for heavier loads. A side panel is used to carry equipment such as a tripod, while the sternum strap is used to stabilize more substantial loads.

2. Think Tank Photo Streetwalker Pro V2.0

Think Tank Photo Streetwalker Pro V2.0 Image

Think Tank’s StreetWalker Pro V2.0 is a durable and slim camera backpack with comfortable shoulder straps, back padding, and a great minimalistic design. An external width of 25cm means that there are only two columns on the inside. 

However, these are quite spacious and can easily fit two full-frame cameras and their large diameter attached lenses. If you have additional lenses, you can use the included extra dividers to place them securely in the bag as well. There is also an option to strap a tripod on to the front of the bag and an extra pouch at the back for a 10-inch tablet. 

A single, straightforward front flap can access the bag’s contents. Although the bag is an excellent option for event photographers, it might be a bit too simple for housing all the equipment required for wildlife photography. Still, this backpack’s excellent design, durability, and simplicity make it one of the top contenders for the best camera backpacks on our list.

3. Peak Design Everyday

Peak Design Everyday Image

Peak Design’s Everyday backpack is one of the most stylish and chic everyday backpacks on our list. If looks are a priority, then this backpack should definitely be one of your top choices. Although it has a slim design (46 x 30 x 17cm), it is still able to house an ungripped DSLR with around five lenses. Customizable internal dividers ensure that all your equipment stays in place and is secure. 

A single, sturdy zipper with Ultrazip technology ensures that all your equipment is readily available and that you don’t have to dig through your backpack looking for things anymore. The internal dividers can be attached to the front and back to form shelf-like compartments for all your equipment. On top of the bag is a large, expandable, multi-use area. This can be expanded to provide extra space through a top flap which additionally, also contains four latching positions. 

You can easily stow away a travel tripod on the side, a 13-inch laptop or tablet at the back, and a small-sized drone in the front! Other than the comfortable shoulder straps, this backpack also contains a waist belt to help equally distribute the weight of heavier loads. Made with 100% recycled nylon with incorporated DWR technology, this backpack is completely weatherproof and contains a lifetime guarantee!

4. Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II

Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II Image

The Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II is a versatile and spacious, albeit expensive backpack that can be used all types of photographers. Whether you’re a wildlife photographer, travel photographer, or an events photographer, this backpack is perfect for keeping all your equipment safe and secure. 

Internal Velcro dividers can be repositioned according to your liking to accommodate different types of equipment. They can also be removed to form a large, open space compartment. A zipped compartment at the back can easily accommodate a 13-inch laptop or tablet. 

This bag’s best feature though is the series of loops on the side that can be used to attach multiple accessories. The bag contains special Activzone system technology that delivers targeted reinforcement at the shoulders, waist and lumbar regions for extra comfort during long hikes. An inbuilt WR cover ensures all your equipment is kept safe from adverse weather conditions.

5. PRVKE Travel

PRVKE Travel Image

WANDRD has really outdone itself with its new PRVKE 31 camera backpack. This backpack has everything you can think of and more! A well-structured, well-made, durable bag, the PRVKE 31 has a great design, offers unmatched protectiveness, and is made for both professional and amateur photographers. 

Its minimalistic design coupled with sleek features makes this bag one of the better-looking ones currently on the market. But don’t be fooled by its simple elements! This everyday camera backpack is made from high-quality materials, which coupled with the bag’s brilliant structure, ensure all your gear is well protected and does an excellent job of protecting all your equipment because of its incredible structure and top-quality materials. 

The backpack features intuitive access points all across the bag in addition to extra organizational pockets. This backpack also has a lot of storage space, 36L with a fully extended roll-top, and can easily store mirrorless DSLR cameras. However, users with full-frame cameras may be left wanting more space.

6. Manfrotto MB BP-D1 DJI (Budget Winner)

Manfrotto MB BP-D1 DJI Image

Photographers that utilize drones usually need a bag specially made for this purpose, and one of the best camera backpacks that are used to store larger drones as well is Manfrotto’s MB BP-D1 DJI. The bag itself has an ergonomic design and is both easy to carry and easy to use. 

Built from durable, waterproof materials, this bag offers excellent protection against elements of the weather. Although the bag may seem a bit heavy, its design ensures that the weight is evenly distributed, and users usually don’t face any discomfort while carrying it around. 

The main compartment can fit in a drone such as the DJI Phantom 3 Pro, but other than that, there is also a top compartment for storing a DSLR camera along with a couple of lenses. Additionally, the bag also has numerous organizational pockets for smaller equipment.

How to Choose Your Everyday Camera Backpack

Lugging around camera equipment is no easy task, especially given how fragile it can all be. Therefore, investing in a good quality camera backpack is vital for the safekeeping of all your equipment and camera while you’re traveling, hiking, or simply commuting. Go through our list of the best everyday camera backpacks currently on the market to find one that suits your needs the most!

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