6 Best Digital Photo Frames

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Photos are the perfect items to decorate your home. They provide warm memories and brighten up rooms. Instead of using traditional photo frames and printed pictures, why not look at digital photo frames and show off more than one?

Digital photo frames provide a whole new level of creativity and allow you to continually change your images without printing new photos. Furthermore, they enable you to display hundreds of photos without the need for multiple frames.

A digital photo frame is essentially a display device with storage that can show digitally stored photos either via a memory card, USB stick, or WiFi connection. These devices usually have a variety of settings and allow you to create photo slideshows that cycle automatically.

In the below guide we have listed six of the best digital photo frames from reputable manufacturers for your benefit:

1. NIX 13.3-Inch Digital Picture Frame

NIX 13.3-Inch Digital Picture Frame Image

NIX has an excellent range of digital photo frames, all of which are high-quality and look fantastic. The NIX 13.3-inch digital picture frame can be positioned in both landscape and portrait. Furthermore, it has a motion sensor that detects movement – this enables power saving so that it only displays when it detects movement.

The device can display JPEG photos and MPEG-4 videos, and it is one of the few digital photo frames that can display both images and videos in the same slideshow. The screen resolution is 1920×1080 FHD, and the frame has built-in speakers too.

Although this digital photo frame does not have WiFi, photos and videos can be easily transferred via USB or by inserting an SD card.

2. Pix-Star 15-Inch Digital WiFi Frame

Pix-Star 15-Inch Digital WiFi Frame Image

Pix-Star is another prominent manufacturer of digital photo frames. The Pix-Star 15-Inch Digital WiFi Frame is one of their popular models and offers a larger display with superb screen resolution. It has a low consumption LED backlight and requires minimal power output.

In addition, this device is fully WiFi-enabled, has 4GB of internal storage, but also has both USB stick and SD card connectivity.

The WiFi allows the transfer of images via a dedicated email created for the digital photo frame. This is extremely convenient and allows you to quickly add new photos from your smartphone camera or computer. In addition, you can access photos from online services like Dropbox, Facebook, and Flickr.

3. MRQ 10-Inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame

MRQ 10-Inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame Image

The MRQ 10-inch digital WiFi picture frame is another excellent device and has an extensive 16GB storage. The display is full HD and offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Photos and video look superb and the slideshow transitions are smooth.

Using the built-in WiFi, you can quickly upload photos and videos to the device from different external locations. There is an MRQ Our Photo app, but you can upload photos from other sources like a computer, email, or online cloud services as well.

Finally, this device can be used in photo portrait and landscape orientation, and also has other modes for the weather or your calendar.

4. Aluratek 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame

Aluratek 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame Image

The Aluratek 10-inch digital photo frame has a 4GB built-in internal storage and users can upload photos via USB 2.0 or SD card. The screen offers 1024×600 (or 16:9) resolution and has a 10-inch true color TFT LCF display. Your photos look natural and the quality and colors are true.

In addition to basic photo and video display, this digital photo frame has a clock, calendar, and automatic timer. There is also a detailed menu with custom settings allowing you to create various slideshows and photo displays.

Finally, this Aluratek photo frame has a remote control so that you can use to manage and scroll through slideshows without having to touch the screen.

5. Mason by Aura

Mason by Aura Image

Aura creates a excellent range of digital photo frames that go beyond the standard black design. They offer a myriad of stylish digital photo frames that look akin to traditional frames with various designs and materials.

The Mason by Aura looks amazing – it has a stylish frame created using high-quality materials. This is complemented by a superb LCD screen that displays your photos and video in FHD quality.

The Mason is also WiFi capable and you can manage and upload photos using the free-to-use Aura App. This means you can manage the device from your smartphone. The app and cloud storage system are free for life and allow unlimited storage.

6. Nixplay Seed (Budget Winner)

Nixplay Seed Image

The Nixplay Seed is a smaller digital photo frame but highly affordable and has excellent functionality. Although just eight inches, it has a 1024×768 display resolution and can be used either portrait or landscape.

In addition, this device is WiFi capable and you can easily upload photos using either the Nixplay App, or external services like Google Photos and Facebook. This provides excellent flexibility and means that other people can upload to the digital photo frame too.

The Nixplay Seed has a USB power adapter and an infrared remote control. There is also an easy to understand quick start guide. This is one of the best digital photos frames and our best budget pick.

Display Your Treasured Photos with a Digital Photo Frame

Instead of purchasing a single photo frame, try something different and explore a digital photo frame! You will be amazed at the creativity and variety these devices provide. When choosing a digital photo frame, consider the following:

  • Method of file transfer
  • Battery life/power source
  • Size and photo orientation
  • Internal storage

The method of file transfer is important – some devices have WiFi which allow for fast transferal. Others have a memory card or USB slot which means slower transferal times. Also consider the photo frame size and the orientation – most digital photo frames can be positioned either landscape or portrait.

Finally, look at the internal storage (or lack of). Some digital photo frames have built-in internal storage, whereas others require a memory card.

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