5 Best Digital Cameras for Kids

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Are you searching for new tech that will help your kids unleash their creativity? Invest in a kid-friendly digital camera! Digital cameras for kids let young photographers explore the world. They also help them learn how to pre-visualize a video or an image in their minds. Plus, they make great birthday gifts. As with adult cameras and other tech, kids’ cameras have gotten better while also becoming lighter on the pocket.

Some digital cameras for kids are better than others, and we’ve picked the five best options for this article. To narrow down our list, we considered things like frame rate and megapixels. But most importantly, we assessed the durability of different options (since little hands drop things all the time). So, consider introducing your children to the world of photography by getting them one of the cameras below.

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1. Nikon COOLPIX W300

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The most versatile option on our list is a waterproof camera for bigger kids who are curious about underwater photography.

It’s the toughest compact camera Nikon has released to date. Your kids can take it up to 30 meters underwater. It’s also dust-proof and freeze-proof, so it can be used in low-temperature environments. Plus, you can drop it from up to 2.4 meters and it won’t break. For parents of teens and younger children, this camera is almost unbreakable.

You’ll get a 16MP camera sensor and the ability to shoot 4K videos. There’s also Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS technology to keep tabs on the location of the shots or video footage. There’s a 5x optical zoom NIKKOR lens and contrast-detect autofocus. Music montages and super-lapse videos are possible with this camera.

Lastly, the Nikon COOLPIX W300 comes with an underwater depth gauge and an altimeter, in case a user wants to analyze water depths.

2. Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera

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If you’re familiar with GoPro cameras, you’ll find the style of this camera strikingly familiar because of its two standout features: the waterproof case and square shape. It’s easy to use and can shoot still pictures at 2592×1944 using its 5MP camera.

The Ourlife Kids camera can also record HD video, so it’s an ideal camera for YouTubers and video enthusiasts alike. There’s also a built-in microphone and a slot for 32GB microSD cards, so a lot of images and video content can be stored on this camera.

In terms of being waterproof, the camera has an IP68 rating. Swimmers can take it down to 33 meters. Above this depth, it’s going to work without a hitch.

The camera also features a 1.77-inch LCD screen, which isn’t the biggest out there, but it’s big enough to review videos and images. Kids also get six picture frames and seven video effects for extra fun.

Included in the package are mounting kits for cycling, a neck strap, and a nice-looking helmet. All of that makes it a great action camera for adventurous kids. It can last up to 1.5 hours for video recording, courtesy of its Li-ion battery. 

The Ourlife Kids camera is suitable for children aged 4-12 years and is also compatible with the Kodak Zink photo printer. Other perks include an f/2 wide-angle camera lens and various color options.

3. omzer Kids Camera

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This kid-friendly digital camera comes with an 8MP camera and can be used to capture 1080p videos, which are also capable of offering ultimate framing control through the 4x digital zoom feature. Moreover, there are four shooting zooms and eight scene selections on offer. Other features include a flashlight, date setting, and self-timer.

The highlight of the omzer Kids camera is the silicon-covered shell that not only protects the high-quality components on the camera’s inside, but also offers firm grip and super impact absorption.

In addition, this digital camera for kids is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that’s rechargeable. Plus, a 16GB microSD card is included to allow for heaps of content storage. The camera is powered by a 3.7V lithium battery.

The only downside of this digital camera for kids is that the user gets a conventional viewfinder instead of the modern one. Still, its compact size and non-toxic silicone material make it a great buy for the kids. 


KODAK SMILE Instant Print Digital Camera Image

This digital instant film camera by KODAK has a vintage-inspired look and is perfect for older kids and teens. They can use it to shoot images as well as keep all of them in one place.

While the camera is mainly designed to offer a dose of nostalgia, kids will get their hands on other interesting features. It has a 10-second timer, an automatic flash, and a microSD slot. The first two essentials offer an opportunity for teenagers to be in the image, too. The 10MP camera only makes things better. Plus, there’s an LCD viewfinder, two picture models, and a built-in editor included in KODAK SMILE.

Overall, the KODAK SMILE is a great option for kids. Its durable design only adds to its appeal, and its zero-ink technology keeps things cost-friendly. Your 7-12 year old kids can use this camera however they like.

5. VTech Kidizoom DUO 5.0 (Budget Winner)

VTech Kidizoom DUO Image

Hands down, this is the best camera out there for introducing photography to preschoolers (and toddlers) and it’s very reasonably priced. The DUO 5.0 is an evolution of the Kidizoom DUO, which had a 1.3MP image resolution. This one boasts a 5MP camera.

The ergonomics of the Kidizoom DUO 5.0 are ideal for kids. The buttons are simple to operate, and the large handle makes it easy to grasp. Children can use its viewfinders to aim with both eyes.

Kids also get a self-timer mode, a rare camera (VGA), and a built-in flash. These features make it easy to capture selfies. The cherry on top is the software, which allows for the application of frames and face wrap on the images. What’s more, the images can be of decent quality, provided they’re shot in the right conditions. Plus, kids can also use the Kidizoom DUO 5.0 to shoot short-length clips and videos.

The camera comes with a 256MB integrated memory that allows for nine minutes of video shooting or 1,500 image snaps. With a microSD card, you can expand it to 32GB. Besides images and videos, kids can also play games using motion control. The games are bundled in the camera’s software. Or how about using the camera as an MP3 player? Yes, Kidizoom allows that too.

Overall, the VTech Kidizoom DUO 5.0 is an awesome camera for budding creatives. To preserve battery life, the camera will shut off automatically if left idle for three minutes. The camera is available in two color options: blue and pink.

Are Digital Cameras for Kids Worth Buying?

Choosing and investing in digital cameras for kids depends on their age, interest level, and your budget. Whether you’re looking for a toddler-friendly buy or something to appeal to older children, one of the cameras on this list should suit your needs. 

But if we had to make a recommendation, we’d suggest that you get the Vtech Kidizoom. It offers the best value to parents, and its two-side handles are easy for untrained hands to grip. It checks all the other boxes, too. Your toddler or preschooler would love this camera, but don’t be surprised if the older kids in your home want to play with it, too. 

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