5 Best Converter Lenses

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If you’re looking to get into taking more professional photos you may want to look into higher-end equipment. This includes pieces like a converter or teleconverter lens, which allows you to magnify the focal length of your lens. At least, it gives the appearance of a magnified focal length. This can allow you to take photos from farther away that appear close up but with a lens that’s not designed for zoom or telephoto purposes.

The downside to this is that you’ll lose some of the sharpness you would otherwise have with your lens, as well as some speed. Still, if you want to get better photos, more close up photos without spending the money for a high-end telephoto lens, converter lenses are a good way to get much of the bang without spending a lot. New photographers and those still learning can do well with any of these converter lenses.

1. Sony 2x Teleconverter Lens (Overall Winner)

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If you’re looking for a high-end converter lens, you may want to check out this one that’s an official Sony product. It provides you with 2x zoom and is compatible with several Sony cameras both officially and unofficially.

It provides you with aspherical lens elements as well as being precision-engineered to help with both versatility and reliability. That means you’ll be able to take photos of just about anything you want and get the clarity that you’re looking for.

The converter is dust and moisture resistant, which helps increase the overall reliability and make this unit less sensitive while you’re outdoors. Since a lot of your photography may take place outdoors and there are less than ideal conditions out there.

This particular lens allows you to retain your full optical quality, meaning better quality photos every time. The whole thing is lightweight, which means it’s easier for you to attach and carry for extended trips as well.

2. Nikon AF-S Teleconverter TC-17E II

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Nikon makes high-quality products for cameras of all types and this one is no different. Designed to fit a range of Nikon cameras and still compatible with even more brand models, the Nikon TC-17E II provides a great shot when you’re taking wildlife photos, sports photos, and more. It does that by giving you a 70 percent increased focal length over the lenses that you attach it to.

What’s even more important about this lens is you’ll get integrated coating, which is a proprietary coating for light transmission efficiency. That means you’re going to have great consistency to the colors of your images as well as cutting down on flare that can distort your image.

You’ll get an optimized design that’s usable with FX and DX DSLR cameras for more versatility. While this lens offers autofocus for a number of different lenses it is also compatible with many lenses that it will not provide autofocus for.

3. Nikon AF-S Teleconverter TC-14E III

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Designed specifically for Nikon DSLR cameras, the TC-14E III offers 1.4x and focal length of 25mm to 70mm. You’ll get up to 40 percent added distance on your AF-S lenses with a one-stop loss to the exposure.

This improves the quality of your images while still allowing you to zoom in further than your standard lens would allow. The lens supports exposure metering as well as VR image stabilization, which reduces blur and increases focus.

The barrel of this lens is weather-resistant as well as durable enough to resist normal wear and abuse. It is coated with fluorine, which helps to protect against rougher conditions.

You can attach either an FX or DX formatted AF-S NIKKOR lens, and you’ll have compatibility with several different Nikon models officially and even more varied lenses unofficially. This lens offers a focal length of 25mm to 70mm.

4. Olympus MC-14 1.4x Teleconverter

Olympus MC-14 1.4x Image

The Olympus MC-14 is designed specifically for Olympus lenses, though it does fit select other lenses as well. It provides a maximum focal length of 420mm equivalent and is protected against dust, splash, and freeze.

The tough construction means you can take it with you just about anywhere you go and won’t have to worry as much about the weather conditions or potential damage. You will lose one stop of light, which affects the overall aperture that you can use on your chosen lens.

This teleconverter comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty and allows you to take quick and clear photos. There is minimal delay like you will find with many other teleconverters and you’ll get the quality that you are looking for in your images. The converter itself is also very small, which makes it easy to store when you’re not using it and simple to attach when you want a little closer image.

5. Sigma 1.4x Teleconverter TC-1401 (Budget Winner)

Sigma 1.4x Teleconverter TC-1401 Image

Available with three different mount types, the Sigma TC-1401 can fit your Sigma, Nikon, or Canon DSLR. It uses SLD glass and is both dust and splash-proof. This means you can take a little more adventurous photos without having to worry about the conditions.

It’s small in size to make it easier to carry with you wherever you need to go and comes in at a price that’s a little better for the budget-minded user. At the same time, it fits a variety of different cameras and gives you autofocus.

Now, the autofocus isn’t the best and can move slightly, but it gets the job done fairly well. You’ll have up to f/8 operation and low dispersion elements. This helps decrease chromatic aberrations.

This lens comes with a case that keeps it safe no matter where you take it. You’ll get plenty of power for even distance shots and durability, though this lens does work best in high light situations. That’s why it comes in as our budget pick.

That’s a Wrap on Converter Lenses

When it comes to taking the best photos you want to be able to do it from wherever you happen to be. You may not always have the option to get close to what you want to photograph and that’s where converter lenses are going to make a big difference, whether you go with our top pick or our budget option.

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