8 Best Cameras for Studio Photography

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As a photographer, you can choose the setting for your photoshoots. Photographers that shoot indoors, in a managed setting, are known as studio photographers. These individuals want need to find the best studio photography cameras possible.

Studio photography allows photographers to control all aspects of the environment. They control the lighting, the backdrops, wind, and any other props. Shooting in a studio can give you a lot of creative freedom as a photographer, but you need to have the right equipment for it.

The settings and light within your studio may change but the one constant is your camera. This means that resolution and quality are key here. Full-frame cameras are going to offer a higher image quality over crop sensor cameras, but they tend to be more expensive and thus out reach for some.

The camera you use while shooting in a studio is essential to getting the perfect photograph. To help you decide which camera to use for studio photography, we’ve made a list of the best cameras for studio photography. 

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1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Image

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a wildly popular choice when it comes to cameras for studio photography – and for good reason.  This camera delivers high-resolution pictures that’ll have people thinking you’re a professional even if you’re just an amateur! You’ll get phenomenal images without any difficulty thanks to the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. 

The camera comes with a 30.4-megapixel sensor and a 61-point autofocus system that makes it easy to focus quickly. The camera’s vast ISO range reaches up to 32000. You shouldn’t have to face poor lighting conditions in a studio, but if there’s ever a lighting emergency, this camera will save you.

If you want to do more than just studio photography, explore studio filmmaking with this brilliant Canon camera. With DCI standard 4K video shooting ability, this camera is perfect for making videos in a studio. 

2. Nikon D850

Nikon D850 Image

Matching Canon’s 5D is Nikon’s D850 – a stellar camera to be reckoned with. The D850 brings with it the ability to capture high-resolution pictures remarkably fast. Advancements in technology allow the camera to focus impeccably fast, saving a lot of your time. At 45.7 megapixels, you can take high-resolution pictures and capture every little detail. 

This camera also introduces Nikon’s new Back-side Illumination (BSI) technology. With a BSI FX-format full-frame CMOS image sensor, the camera gathers light very efficiently, which results in images of superb quality. The camera uses an ultra-accurate autofocus system that has 153 focus points and 99 cross-type sensors, allowing you to focus instantly and accurately. 

The Nikon D850 is nothing short of a powerhouse. Nikon’s AF engine uses parallel processing and sequence control to capture fast-moving subjects. So, if you want to photograph a dancer moving in your studio or a boxer in the middle of a fight – this camera is perfect.

3. Sony a7R III

Sony a7R III Image

This camera is an all-rounder, great at everything. If you’re looking at cameras for studio photography, the Sony a7R III has many features that make it a strong contender. With a 42.4-megapixel image sensor and an enhanced image processor, you won’t ever have to worry about low-quality images with this camera. 

If you’re shooting portraits in your studio, this is the camera for you. The Sony a7R III has an enhanced autofocus system that spots and tracks a human eye with incredible precision. The EyeAF uses the human eye to determine the subject and is thus able to focus on people very accurately. 

The camera has a USB Type-C connector, powered by SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 1. This allows you to connect the camera to a PC and transfer large RAW files quickly and smoothly. What else could you need in a stellar studio camera?

4. Nikon D750

Nikon D750 Image

Another Nikon camera has made it to our list of cameras for studio photography due to its excellent performance. The Nikon D750 is a full-frame DSLR that can give you full creative freedom. The image quality on this camera is unmatched.

This camera has a 50-point autofocus system with 15 cross-type sensors and 3D color matrix metering. The features of this camera make it very versatile to shoot with and allow for a lot of creative freedom.

The camera’s build is also impressive. It has a tilting vari-angle LCD that makes it easy to shoot your subject from a variety of different angles. The camera’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to quickly transfer files from your camera to your PC in the comfort of your own studio.

5. Panasonic LUMIX S1R

Panasonic LUMIX S1R Image

The Panasonic LUMIX S1R is one of the premium cameras for studio photography. It has a 47.3-megapixel CMOS sensor that will give you pictures with astoundingly realistic detail and incredible clarity. If you’re frustrated that your camera can’t capture the level of quality you want it to, then this is the device for you. 

This camera’s build is very impressive. Made of magnesium alloy, the die-cast frame of the camera protects every button and dial on the camera. What’s more, is that the camera is also dust and water-resistant. Just in case.

The high-precision shutter unit of this camera can take pictures in as fast as 1/8000th of a second. This new model has a highly durable shutter that you can use without worrying about damaging it. If you want to experiment with your studio photography, this camera also allows you to do overlay shooting.

6. Panasonic LUMIX GH5

Panasonic LUMIX GH5 Image

This high-performance camera has a 20.3-megapixel digital live MOS sensor that will deliver astoundingly sharp images. If you’re restricted to your tripod because of that annoying handheld blur, this is the camera for you. The GH5 eliminates this blur thanks to its seven-axis body stabilization technology. 

The GH5 has two SD card slots, so you don’t have to continually swap out a full SD card with an empty one. The dual-slot allows you to take photographs in your studio without any constraints.

If this wasn’t enough, the GH5 also records videos in a smooth 4K video and gives excellent detail. The camera’s 6K photo mode shoots at 30 frames per second. The 4K photo mode shoots at 60 frames per second – which you won’t find in any other DSLR.

7. Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III Image

The Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III packs a lot of features in one small compact product. Its 20-megapixel MOS sensor will capture every minute detail of your subject perfectly and deliver sharp photos. The autofocusing system of the device has 121-points that can track your subject with precision. 

With this camera, you won’t have to use a tripod! Thanks to its five-axis image stabilization, you’ll be able to take sharp handheld pictures! The feature gives the camera more mobility and gets rid of any handshake blur, so you can move around much more when taking photos in the studio. With the camera’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, you can transfer images between devices easily, as well.

8. Fujifilm X-T30 (Budget Winner)

Fujifilm X-T30 Image

The Fujifilm X-T30 is another excellent camera for studio photography. This camera has 2.16 million AF phase detection pixels that cover the entire frame and ensure a fast and accurate focus. This is another excellent camera to capture moving subjects in your studio. 

For portrait photography, this camera has an excellent “face select” function. When you’re shooting a picture with multiple people, but only want to focus on one model, this feature will make your job easy! 

The Fujifilm X-T30 has a high-performance electronic viewfinder (EVF). The display time lag of this camera is lower compared to other similar models so that you can see your subject in real-time from the viewfinder.

The build of this camera is sturdy, which makes it easy to handle the compact device. The thickness of the grip is large enough to ensure you don’t get tired of continuously holding the camera up.

Final Words on Cameras for Studio Photography

If you’re a studio photographer, you should select your camera quite carefully. There are many great cameras for studio photography on the market, so the decision is never easy. Within studio photography, there are many different niches. You could be a portrait photographer, a product photographer, or a fashion photographer. Before choosing a camera, know your niche.

Then, decide a camera according to your niche. The kind of features you need depends on what you’re shooting. But don’t worry! With our comprehensive list, we’re sure you’ll find something to your suiting.

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