5 Best Camera Sling Bags

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Recently, a camera sling bag has become a trend that safely holds your photography equipment together. Its comfortable and unique design makes it one of the most favorite case types among photographers.

Professionals and amateurs these days have started choosing compact camera bodies, going for mirrorless camera systems. This is ideal for the camera sling bag market as its design allows you to carry a small kit and gives you easy and fast access to your photography tools.

Now, you may be thinking that there are a lot of variations and models out there on the market. Which one of them is right for your needs?

Easy! We have taken a closer look at the bag market and compiled a list of some of the best camera sling bags right here for you. Let’s get started to find you a perfect match.

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1. Lowepro Passport Sling III

Lowepro Passport Sling III Image

The Lowepro Passport is a universal and durable camera sling bag. It provides enough space to fit all of your camera gear while traveling. It also has separate compartments that can be used to keep personal belongings.

There are three pockets on the outer side of the bag where you can fit a bottle of water, sunglasses, or your documents. The shoulder strap on the sling bag is adjustable and the pads are easy to remove. Two zip fasteners with loops are used to protect the biggest section of the Lowepro sling.

You can extend the inner space up to 30 percent, which is quite admirable. A pocket with pads is provided for your digital devices and the best thing is that the inserts can be taken out. This allows you to pull out the camera portion of the bag and use it for other purposes.

2. Case Logic Luminosity CSC/DSLR Sling

Case Logic Luminosity CSC/DSLR Sling Image

This camera sling bag suits almost all DSLR camera bodies. Its spacious compartment is designed to store various camera gear and extra lenses, or you can fit a camera body along with some additional tools.

The Case Logic has padded and customizable inserts, allowing you to pack any camera you want. Additionally, the fore pockets are provided to fit some personal items. A special memory card pocket ensures you’ll never lose it.

Moreover, it features a zipped top compartment to carry your small belongings such as your smartphone, sunglasses, wallet, or ID. The shoulder strap is padded as well, and the construction of this camera sling bag makes your long trips more comfortable. A protective rain cover hood also comes with the bag which can be put into the back pocket when not in use.

3. Think Tank Photo TurnStyle 10 Sling Bag

Think Tank Photo TurnStyle 10 Sling Bag Image

Think Tank doesn’t only produce excellent rolling bags, its camera sling bags are also great. You would love the TurnStyle 10 sling as it is incredibly stylish and allows you to store all the equipment you need.

It comes with a padded back and a shoulder strap. The latter sits diagonally across your chest. A buckle positioned at the bottom of the bag allows you to undo the strap and pull out the pad from there. Thus, you can transform this bag into a waist-pack by attaching the strap.

Even though the main buckle on the shoulder strap is built with plastic, it feels pretty solid. It takes quite an effort to unclip it, which is great.

Another favorable feature you get with this camera sling bag is its separate zipper pocket for a tablet, which is something that you won’t typically see on other bags.

4. LowePro Slingshot Edge 250 AW

LowePro Slingshot Edge 250 AW Image

The LowePro Slingshot sling bag extremely spacious. It offers you to store a DSLR camera with up to three lenses. At the front of the bag, you will find a compartment where you can keep things like chargers, memory cards, or batteries. You get a small pocket on the back as well.

Like other products of the LowePro AW series, the Edge 250 AW also comes with a weather-resistant cover, which can help protect your equipment if you get caught in the rain.

You don’t need to worry about reliability while carrying this bag, as the LowePro produces high-quality and durable products. This may not be one of the most stylish camera sling bags around, but when it comes to the safety of your camera equipment while traveling and hiking, it won’t disappoint.

5. Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack (Budget Winner)

Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack Image

The Altura Photo camera sling backpack comes with only one shoulder strap, however, a special chest strap is included for more active shooters which helps prevent the bag from swinging around while running or cycling.

You can open this bag by rotating it to your front in order to take the camera out, while still having the bag fastened to your body. Adjustable Velcro dividers allow you to fit a big DSLR camera body, three lenses, and some personal items that you want to keep.

So, it is one of the largest camera sling bags in its class. Featuring an extra strap and a stretchable pocket for a portable tripod or bottle of water, it is one of the best bags indeed.

Next to a quick-release clip, small design elements are provided to protect your hip against possible rubbing. The upper handle and the transparent zipper pockets allow you to quickly check the stored camera gear. And above all, this elaborately designed sling bag is very pocket-friendly.

Final Thoughts on Camera Sling Bags

Whatever the camera type and equipment you own, there is a sling bag that will keep it safe from getting damaged. Your photography tools will give you a big thanks for keeping everything in order with theses specially designed bags. Grab a sling bag from our list and start snapping!

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