5 Best Camera Clips

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A camera clip is an essential item for photographers that move around and are active in their work. Unlike a camera strap, a clip simply clamps your camera in place to either your belt, or a bag strap, keeping your camera from wildly flailing around and risking damage.

In most instances, camera clips will fix your device in place using a standard ¼” tripod screw, meaning that you can only use this type of device if your camera has a tripod mount.

Most products feature a fast release mechanism so that you can quickly grab your camera and snap any opportunity that arises. When choosing such a product, always consider the maximum load capacity, as this will determine if it can hold your camera or not. We present to you, the five best camera clips.

1. Peak Design Capture V3 (Overall Winner)

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Our top choice for best camera clips is the Peak Design Capture V3. Peak Design has created various models of camera clips, but this third-generation model is the best design.

It has a thin profile and is incredibly light. This does not compromise the durability, however, as it is made from durable metal and has a simple clipping mechanism.

To attach the clip, simply fasten it around a belt or strap and close the clasp. The clip is held in place by two heavy-duty screws, while our camera is secured via the tripod plate using a standard tripod mount connection.

This camera clip is perfect for outdoor use and could be used comfortably with DSLR cameras, or action cameras like the GoPro HERO8. Its maximum load capacity is 200lbs (90kg) which means it will hold any type of DSLR camera with lens.

2. Movo Photo MB600 Universal Camera Belt

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The Movo Photo MB600 is a combination of camera belt and camera clip. The belt has an adjustable hip strap that fits waists up to 130cm. It is made from comfortable but durable material and is convenient to wear.

The camera clip system has two parts. Firstly, on the belt there is a metal lock clip. Secondly, there is a camera lock piece. This lock piece has a tripod connection and slides into the lock clip. A simple twist locks your camera in place.

This clip system provides great security, but also means you can quickly access your camera too. Aside from having an ergonomic design, this camera clip is affordable and comes with a keyring and screwdriver for assembly.

If you regularly engage in long photoshoots where quick camera access is required, this could be one of the best camera clips available.

3. UTEBIT Camera Clip

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The UTEBIT Camera Clip has a similar design to the Peak Capture Camera Clip. It is made from a strong aluminum alloy and connects to your camera using a standard ¼” tripod screw.

This clip can be attached to a belt or bag strap and has two secure screws that ensures the clip remains in position. Your camera is then connected to the separate aluminum base plate. To release the camera, there is a handy quick release button that does not compromise the strength and stability of the clip.

The main downside is that it has a much lower maximum load capacity of 20kg. Compared to other camera clips on this list, that is quite low indeed. However, it can still comfortably hold most DSLR cameras with a lens attached.

This clip is just 102mm x 45mm in size and is therefore extremely portable and great for outdoor use or travel photography.

4. Jeebel Camp Capture Camera Clip

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The Jeebel Camp Capture Camera Clip has a robust design and a useful quick-release system. The holding plate has a 3/8” tripod thread and a ¼” tripod adapter which means you can connect it to most DSLR and action cameras.

It is made from weatherproof aluminum alloy and is a compact product that is easy to carry. As one of the best camera clips, it has a universal clip size that will fit most standard belts or bag straps. The clip is held in place via two clamping bolts that are easy to tighten without hurting your fingers.

Also, it has a handy quick release button which instantly release the plate and your camera so you can quickly take photos. In terms of capacity, it can hold any compatible camera up to a maximum load of 50lbs.

5. Kioducky Camera Clip (Budget Winner)

Kioducky Camera Clip Image

Our budget option is the Kioducky Camera Clip. This affordable item costs next to nothing but still offers good quality and a stable connection. It is a holster-belt style camera clip that attaches through your belt. Simply slide your belt through the clip before fastening and it fits securely at your side.

Your camera is connected via a standard tripod screw connection. This is inserted into a sliding rail that locks at the bottom end. To release your camera, simply slide the tripod connection upwards until it comes out of the rail. This is an easy-access system and we like the simplicity of the design.

The metal pin and plastic buckle can hold a load up to 10kg. This means it can comfortably hold mirrorless cameras like the Canon EOS M50, and larger full-frame cameras like the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. Even with a heavy telephoto lens attached, the Kioducky Camera clip will still take the load.

Find New Shooting Possibilities with the Best Camera Clips

Why not improve your efficiency and portability today with one of the best camera clips? These devices enable you to shoot for longer periods as they reduce the strain on your hands and arms by not continually carrying your camera.

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