5 Best Camera Bag Backpacks

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If you have a lot of camera equipment, lenses, and accessories, you will appreciate the need for an effective camera backpack. In this guide, we provide five top camera bag backpacks so you can store your items efficiently and venture out with your gear in an organized manner.

Camera backpacks are generally larger than simple camera bags and have a larger storage capacity. These products are therefore ideal for longer trips or even for traveling. Some of the products listed also have additional storage for other items like clothes and supplies.

If you own a camera backpack, you can keep more of your gear organized on the go and carry it comfortably. That makes it much easier to take it all with you on outings while ensuring that your expensive equipment remains protected.

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1. NOMATIC McKinnon Cube Pack 21L

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Our top choice is the NOMATIC McKinnon Cube Pack 21L. This is a versatile backpack that serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it has an extensive cube compartment where you can store your camera, lens, and accessories. Secondly, it has ample space for general items in the main backpack section.

The camera cube detaches from the main backpack so that you can use the items separately if you wish. Both are made from high-quality, durable materials, but also look incredibly stylish.

Inside the camera cube, there are a series of dividers. You can change the configuration of these to suit different cameras and lens sizes. In terms of camera storage, the bottom cube can comfortably fit a DSLR camera with lens, spare lens, and a few other essential camera accessories.

The external material is water-resistant and the whole backpack is relatively lightweight.

2. AmazonBasics DSLR Camera Backpack

AmazonBasics DSLR Camera Backpack Image

AmazonBasics has a great range of simple but effective products and the AmazonBasics DSLR Camera Backpack is one such item. It still looks okay, but it has a relatively simple grey design with black zips and stitching.

It excels at camera storage, however. Inside the main compartment, you can comfortably fit a DSLR with an attached lens and an additional eight lenses or other accessories like external flashes. The compartments can be changed too, with velcro dividers.

The backpack is made from lightweight, high-density, water-resistant polyester which makes it durable and great for outdoor usage. The shoulder straps have additional padding, which makes it comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

Aside from the camera storage, the AmazonBasics camera bag backpack has a dedicated storage pocket for either a 13-inch laptop or a 12-inch tablet. There is a storage sleeve in the lid for your camera accessories.

3. Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II

Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II Image

The Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II is ideal for active adventures and for those who need to access their camera and accessories quickly. This is due to the configuration of the camera compartment.

The bottom half of the backpack is dedicated to camera storage. It has a range of dividers and can comfortably fit a DSLR camera with an attached lens, along with several additional lenses plus an external camera flash. However, this compartment opens from the side, which means you can quickly unzip the compartment and access your camera with minimal effort.

The top compartment is an open storage pocket but also has various pockets. This top section could be used for clothes or other essentials you need when traveling. The shoulder straps are padded and can be adjusted in length. There is a removable waistbelt, which offers additional support. On the side is a perfect pocket for your travel tripod so you don’t have to lug it around by hand.

This is one of the larger camera backpacks available and is a good choice for long outdoor photography sessions.

4. Endurax ShellX PO1

Endurax ShellX PO1 Image

The Endurax ShellX PO1 features an extensive storage capacity and can fit two DSLR cameras, six to eight lenses, two to three flashes, and all the accessories you could need. This makes it one of the largest capacity camera bag backpacks on this list.

Alternatively, it could also be used to transport a drone and accessories. This backpack puts safety and protection first with its armored panel on the front of the backpack. This provides additional padding and protection from bumps.

It is made from waterproof material and has a myriad of attachment points for things like tripods or keychains. The straps are comfortable and can be adjusted to suit various heights. Moreover, there is a detachable protective layer that you can place over your camera equipment in the main compartment.

Finally, this excellent camera backpack has a waterproof rain cover, which offers additional protection.

5. CADeN DSLR Camera Backpack (Budget Winner)

CADeN DSLR Camera Backpack Image

If you want a cheap but functional option, the CADeN DSLR Camera Backpack is the best option. This is one of the more handy camera bag backpacks and it has a good set of features.

The main storage compartment has several dividers that you can reposition for different lenses and camera sizes. In total, it can hold one DSLR camera with attached lens, and five other lenses. Alternatively, you could use the other lens compartments for a flash or your camera accessories.

The backpack also features a lid sleeve where you can store a tablet or laptop. On the right side, there is a tripod holder. On the left, there is a mesh water bottle sleeve.

It is made from durable materials, including the zips, which are made of a special alloy that prevents rusting. The CADeN DSLR Camera Backpack is available in two different colors and two different sizes.

Be Prepared with High-Quality Camera Bag Backpacks

Instead of having your camera and equipment scattered throughout your home, why not buy one of these camera backpacks? Not only are they useful for day trips and traveling, but they also allow you to organize your camera equipment effectively at home.

When choosing a backpack, be sure to look at the load-bearing capacity, the overall storage capacity, and the dimensions of the storage compartments. This will help you choose the right one to accommodate your camera and lenses.

If you’re not really looking for backpack style, but want the more traditional look, check out our buying guide on crossbody camera bags.

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