9 Best Budget Camera Accessories

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Photography is a pretty profitable passion for those who can keep their expenses under control. Often, essential photography equipment and accessories can cost you a lot of bucks. It takes even more investment to maintain your equipment if you want to keep your photographs up to the mark. Tripods, camera bags, memory cards, USBs, lens pouches, and a lot of other accessories usually have expensive price tags that can cost you staggering sums of money.

For those newbies and experts who want to keep their photography equipment economical, quality and performance are significant concerns as well. There are many low-end brands in the market that manufacture cheap and low-quality budget camera accessories. These products may seem to be beneficial investments, but they do not last long and hence prove to be just a waste of your money. 

To solve this dilemma, we tried to find out about the best budget camera accessories. Here’s a list of some useful and amazing accessories that do not cost too much but will last long with exceptional performance!

1. AmazonBasics Camera Sling Bag

AmazonBasics Camera Sling Bag image

AmazonBasics manufactures and sells this DSLR camera bag. It has a durable and sturdy design and is made of premium quality material. This bag has spacious compartments for several purposes. The main compartment accommodates a standard-sized DSLR camera, while another compartment can carry one heavy-duty zoom lens. 

Some smaller compartments and pockets can hold additional lenses, a foldable tripod, SD cards, USB, and other additional gear and electronic equipment. You can also remove these section dividers to create spaces of your desired proportion. This sling bag comes with extra security and is easy to carry around. It’s ideal for hiking, camping, and traveling as you can carry it easily without being weighed down.

2. ZoMei 58” Compact Tripod

ZoMei 58” Compact Camera Tripod Image

Another essential accessory for photographers is a camera tripod. Usually, they’re a little expensive as they’re exclusively designed to keep your camera safe during a shoot. A good tripod is also expected to maintain perfect angles in your photographs. The ZoMei Compact Tripod ticks all the boxes and is one of the most promising investments that any photography lover can make. 

It is compact and lightweight, so it can easily fit inside your camera bag. The tripod can support up to 11 lbs. of weight, which means that you can use it with most camera setups. Its legs are made of aluminum alloy and are strong enough to allow you to take precise and high-quality pictures in extreme conditions. You can also adjust the legs of this tripod if you place it on uneven surfaces!

3. Powerextra 4 Zipper Lens Cases

Powerextra 4 Zipper Lens Cases Image

To protect your lenses, you must buy high-quality lens pouches. They’re useful for all sorts of outdoor photography. If you’re a travel or wildlife photographer with expensive camera lenses, you’re always concerned with their safety. Even minor accidental impacts can cause serious harm to the glass of your camera, which will be a powerful blow to your budget. 

But don’t you worry! These four lens cases manufactured by Powerextra will save your lenses from just about any threat of damage. They are available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, so they can accommodate a wide variety of different lenses. Their thick neoprene material is designed to protect the lenses from bumps and scratches. 

The material is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof to ensure maximum protection. The case’s safety clasp can be attached to your camera strap or bag to provide additional security, making the Powerextra cases one of the best budget camera accessories you can find.

4. Neewer 43” Collapsible 5-in-1 Light Reflector Discs

Neewer 43” Collapsible 5 in 1 Light Reflector Discs Image

With the Neewer Collapsible Light Reflector Discs, you can step up your photography game. These collapsible circular discs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor photography. The set of discs comes in different colors: gold, black, silver, white, and translucent. Their diameter is 43”, so these discs can reflect and redirect light in a wide area. 

You can choose a single disc for one effect or mix and match to get your desired lighting. The white and black discs diffuse and block light, respectively. The gold, silver and translucent discs can give your click both subtle and glamorous vibes! One of the reasons we love these discs is because they’re quite lightweight and compact. A fallible steel ring makes each disc highly durable and flexible.

5. Samsung 256 GB EVO Micro SD Card (Overall Winner)

Samsung 256 GB EVO Micro SD Card  Image

Every photographer knows the value of having sufficient storage. When you’re covering important events, most SD cards end up having insufficient storage space. This can cause serious issues, especially if photography is your business. Naturally, it makes sense to have high-quality SD cards to store all your clicks. Having an additional SD card is the sign of a credible professional photographer.

One of the most popular and least expensive storage cards currently available in the market is the Samsung 256 GB EVO Micro SD Card. This card has a transfer rate of 1000 MB/s so you can record high definition videos and use burst shots.

This SD card can store up to 75,200 images, 12 hours of 4K UHD video content, and 39 hours of full HD video content. This card has a huge storage capacity that doesn’t compromise on the quality of your data. Samsung Micro SD cards are useful and budget camera accessories for all photographers!

6. Big Mike’s Premium Pack of 2 SLB-10A Batteries

Big Mike's Premium Pack of 2 SLB-10A Batteries Image

Portable and rechargeable camera batteries are another useful addition to your collection of budget camera accessories. A reliable, durable, and long-lasting camera battery can help you capture moments that you might often miss if your battery is down. 

This pack of two batteries from Big Mike is just the right choice for digital camera owners. The two batteries have a 1000mAh power, so this can help you with long event coverage and detours. Its adapter can be plugged into a wall for easy and on-the-go fast charging with a voltage of 3.7V!

7. Emart 60 LED Portable Photography Lighting Kit

Emart 60 LED Portable Photography Lighting Kit Image

LED lights are perhaps the most useful equipment for photographers these days. A portable lighting kit is all you need to do top-notch photography and enhance your creative outlet. These energy-efficient lights come with a 65-inch long power cord and a quadrilateral heat dissipation for smart usage.

Orange and white gel filters allow different photography modes to suit various moods. With a 180 degree tilt, this lighting kit can direct powerful lighting at all possible levels!

8. MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (Budget Winner)

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloth  Image

This soft, lens-friendly cleaning cloth is a must-have item for your lens’ care. The fiber of this cleaning cloth is super-thin and traps dust, lint, oil, and other dirt particles from the farthest corners of your lens. It doesn’t use any chemical cleaners as they can seriously damage the lens. This cloth can be washed and reused up to 500 times and will always make sure to maintain the clarity of your lens!

9. Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Strap

Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Strap Image

The last item on our list of budget camera accessories is quite necessary to keep your camera safe. If you’re out on a trip or are covering an event under extreme conditions, you have to take all the possible steps to protect your photography gear. A good camera strap will ensure secure and safe handling of your camera body, lens, and other essentials. 

The Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Strap is the best investment for those on a budget who want a durable camera strap. This cross-body design is easy to take on and off. An ergonomic shoulder pad provides you comfort as well. This camera strap is compatible with all types of cameras.

A metal mount screw and an anti-slip rubber pad guarantee maximum security. The camera plate is 1.5 x 2 inches in dimension. You can also attach your camera to your tripod without removing the metal plate. An additional compartment can store batteries, HDMI cable, storage cards, and a cleaning cloth for your lens!

Bottom Line on Budget Camera Accessories

Camera accessories are essential for all photographers. But their expenses, quality, and maintenance often deny easy access to most photographers. Many novice and passionate photographers keep struggling to keep their budget under control in order to afford some absurdly overpriced additional gear for photography. 

The products that we have discussed above are some of the best-selling budget camera accessories. If you purchase the items listed above, we assure you that you won’t find these investments heavy in your pocket!

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