8 Best Birding Scopes

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Nature is filled with beautiful things that we overlook on a daily basis. One of these things is all the different kinds of birds present in the world and their peculiar behaviors. This is why bird watching is such a common hobby among people today. 

If you’re thinking of dabbling into the world of bird watching, you’ll need a few things. While you may feel that you need to have extensive knowledge of birds to start bird watching, the truth is you only need the right equipment. 

You’ve probably heard of bird watching groups. Perhaps, you’ve seen them in parks or out in forests. Usually, bird watchers carry binoculars with them. However, a better tool for bird watching is a good birding scope. 

Spotting scopes aren’t as portable as binoculars. But you can set them up in a comfortable spot and see all kinds of birds thanks to their incredible range of zoom. Binoculars tend to have a zoom of 8x or 10x, whereas birding scopes have a much higher zoom that lets you see every small detail on the birds you’re watching.

If you’re confused about which birding scope to get, keep on reading! We checked the market for some of the best scopes you can buy.

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1. Celestron Regal M2 80ED Spotting Scope

Celestron Regal M2 80ED Spotting Scope Image

This spotting scope is made with premium materials that make it sturdy and durable. With a 20-60x zoom, this scope is one of the best on the market. Its high-quality extra-low dispersion (ED) glass offers you a clear vision so you can view all the detail you need to. The ED glass also gets rids of any chromatic aberration that may occur. This means you can see birds in their actual color with enhanced contrast.

The lens on this scope has Celestron’s proprietary XLT optical coatings. These ensure that you can spot birds even in low light conditions by giving you maximum light transmission. This device is also waterproof and fog-proof.

In case that wasn’t enough, it has a dual-speed mechanism that allows you to focus on birds quickly and easily. The M2 80ED comes with a rotating tripod mount that makes it easy to position the scope whichever way you want to.

2. Vortex Diamondback 20-60×80 Angled Spotting Scope

Vortex Diamondback 20-60x80 Angled Spotting Scope Image

This spotting scope is part of Vortex’s famous Diamondback line. This high-quality device delivers outstanding performance, and its solid construction means it’ll be durable out in the wild. With this scope’s astounding magnification range, you can view bright images.

The DBK-80A1’s tripod mount can rotate, which gives you more flexibility in your viewing range. It also comes with a car window mount so you can use it from the comfort of your vehicle.

It’s easy to focus when using this device. All you have to do is turn the focus dial until your view is in focus. The sharp focus of this scope allows you to see all the detail you want.

3. Celestron Ultima80 80mm Angled Spotting Scope

Celestron Ultima80 80mm Angled Spotting Scope Image

The Ultima80 Angled Spotting Scope is one of the best in the market. It comes with a 45-degree viewing angle, which allows you to see much more than the naked eye. Made from high-quality materials, this scope is rugged and can survive the harsh conditions of the outdoors. 

The multi-coated lenses allow for a lot of light transmission. This means you can enjoy splendid views even when the lighting is not ideal. This scope is filled with dry nitrogen gas that makes sure there is no internal fogging in the lens. In addition, this exceptional product is waterproof. So, if it starts to rain while you’re out bird watching, you won’t need to worry!

4. Vanguard Endeavor HD

Vanguard Endeavor HD Image

The Vanguard Endeavor is a high definition spotting scope that allows you to experience nature up close. This product has an excellent field of view. Its incredible zoom gives you long-range visibility that’s perfect if you want to master your knowledge of birds. 

Made of premium Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass, this lens reduces any chromatic aberration. This means you can enjoy clear and sharp views and see birds in high contrast. It also has Vanguard’s famous MultiGuard coatings provide the scope with anti-reflective compounds that also work to ensure optimal lighting.

5. Celestron Hummingbird 9-27x56mm ED Micro Spotting Scope

Celestron Hummingbird 9-27x56mm ED Micro Spotting Scope Image

The Hummingbird spotting scope is small in size, fitting comfortably into one hand. Its small size means it’s convenient to carry around, easily fitted into a coat pocket or bag. Its small size means that this scope is very travel-friendly. However, don’t let its small size fool you; its performance is extremely powerful.

This lens on this scope has Extra-low Dispersion (ED) and is multi-coated. This means that it has bright, true-to-life images. The lens also gets rid of color fringing, which is quite common in binoculars. 

This device is also waterproof. This means you can easily use it in wet weather or any humid conditions. It also has a durable armor, which makes it great to use in the outdoors. The armor is sturdy enough to protect your device from any jolts it may experience.

6. Vortex Optics Viper HD Spotting Scope

Vortex Optics Viper HD Spotting Scope Image

This spotting scope is an excellent product from a highly reputable company. This is a high-end spotting scope, and hence it comes with a high-end price tag! The Vortex Viper is packed with an insane number of features that make it the perfect scope for bird watchers. This scope delivers views of impressive clarity and resolution. 

The focusing system on this device is incredibly smooth and fluid, allowing you to focus with ease. You can also adjust the focus smoothly with a focus dial. The eyecup on this scope is also adjustable. All you have to do is twist the eyecup up or down to accommodate your glasses. 

The Vortex Viper comes with an extendable sunshade. You can extend the fitted hood on the lens to block out any light that may be obstructing your vision. This shade also protects the lens from any damage or soiling by fingerprints or dirt.

7. BARSKA 20-60x69mm WP Blackhawk Spotting Scope

BARSKA 20-60x69mm WP Blackhawk Spotting Scope Image

This spotting scope has a phenomenal performance. With its powerful 20-60x zoom magnification, you can get a perfect view of birds that are far away. No matter where you are, in a park, on a trail, or in a forest, this birding scope won’t let you down. Made from high definition glass and a large objective lens, this scope guarantees optical clarity and excellent picture quality. 

The BARSKA Blackhawk has a body made out of durable rubber, protecting it from scratches and other damage. Like most other scopes on this list, this one too is waterproof and fog-proof. However, this product goes one step further with a built-in sunshade. This sunshade reduces glare when the lens is pointed towards the sun, allowing you to see birds that are flying near the sun.

8. SVBONY SV28 25-75x70mm Bird Scope (Budget Winner)

SVBONY SV28 25-75x70mm Bird Scope  Image

If you’re looking for a great birding scope on a tight budget, this is the product for you! The SV28 is a fantastic spotting scope that has superb edge clarity. Its 70mm fully multi-coated objective lens allows the scope to gather more light and deliver sharp and bright views. Also, this scope is also waterproof and fog-proof. 

This spotting scope comes with a dynamic focusing system, meaning you can focus on birds faster than ever. Even birds in motion won’t be too much of a problem with this scope. This device is great to use for beginners.

It comes with a rubber eyecup, instead of a plastic or metal eye cup. The rubber eyecup is much more comfortable, and it can also be folded up to allow people with glasses to use this scope. 

The SV28 comes angles at 45 degrees. This is the optimal angle to view objects comfortably from below. The magnification on the lens is adjustable. You can zoom anywhere from 25x to 75x. So, you can see a wide range of things by sitting in just one spot. 

The Skinny on Birding Scopes

Bird watching can be a great way to spend time and observe these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. However, it can be annoying to go out bird watching if you don’t have the right equipment. 

Ditch those binoculars for one of these high-end birding scopes that’ll allow you to see birds in much more details without needing to get up too close! This list contains the best of the best in terms of birding scopes, and we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your needs.

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