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A webcam allows you the ability to easily interact with others anywhere and anytime. In times like this, it can be even more important because you may not be able to see your loved ones or even work directly with your colleagues. That’s yet another reason that having a high-quality webcam, with a sharp picture and easy learning curve, is so important.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best webcams that combine functionality with price point to get you options that you can use for work, play, or anything in between. Whether you need a camera to keep up on work meetings or for your children to attend their virtual classes, one of these is bound to be the webcam for the job.

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1. Razer Kiyo

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If you’re looking for something a little bit cute and fun but definitely capable of getting the job done, then this is where you want to be. The microphone has an emoji on it that helps you direct your attention in the right way. What’s even better, however, is the sound reduction and the elimination of background noise.

The Razer Kiyo is made for you to stream with and has 720p 60 fps or 1080p 30 fps depending on what you’re looking for. It’s also easy to pair up with some of your favorite platforms like OBS and XSplit. Not to mention, you’ll have built-in lighting with a daylight-balanced ring that sits directly around the camera.

With this setup, you won’t have to worry about adding in other equipment, because everything is where you need it. That’s what makes it one of the best webcams available. If you do need a better or stronger microphone, however, you can easily add on a wireless microphone.

2. Logitech StreamCam

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For those who are looking to start streaming, this device is designed to make it easy. You’ll get full HD 1080p with 60 fps, which makes the whole experience a lot easier for you and smoother for anyone who happens to be watching, as well. Not to mention, it connects with USB-C to give you the fastest and most reliable connection.

You’ll get smart auto-focus as well as exposure with smart, AI-enabled facial tracking. No matter how you sit or move around, this camera can capture you on video in high quality. It even gives you vertical video options or portrait mode.

There are several mounting options as well as easy sharing of your content directly through the webcam app. If you miss the ring light feature from the webcam above, there are plenty of good ring light options that can be found separately.

3. Logitech BRIO

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Who wouldn’t want a high-quality camera that’s easy to mount and easy to use? This one comes from one of the top companies in electronics and includes 1080p streaming in full HD 4K. Not only that, but it has two omnidirectional microphones built right in.

You’ll get better quality calling because everything is included directly in the webcam. It lets you record and has a 5x zoom. That lets you get right up close with anything that you want to record and broadcast.

You’ll have the Rightlight 3 also, which provides automatic adjustments for exposure and contrast to make sure your lighting is just right, making this a great option on our best webcams list.

4. Logitech C930e

Logitech C930e Image

With the Logitech C930e you’ll have 4x zoom as well as 1080p streaming, which gives you high quality and all the control that you need. You’ll have two omnidirectional microphones to capture all of the sound and make sure you get just the video that you’re looking for.

With this device, you’ll have a 90-degree field of view as well as a glass lens with full HD. That means you’re getting a high-quality recording with the clarity that you would expect. You’ll even have auto-focus and light correction, which gives you high definition no matter where you’re streaming.

There’s a privacy shutter to keep the lens covered when you’re not streaming and the cable is long enough to catch anything you need.

5. Logitech C922 Pro

Logitech C922 Pro Image

With Logitech, you’re going to have a high-quality system that gives you all of the features that you need including a 1080p webcam and a four-port USB hub. This system will let you record anything that you need with a true-to-life look, quality details, and more.

You can take video at 1080p or use 720p at 60 fps. This will give you the speed you need to really make sure that everyone watching can see what you’ve got and what you’re doing, which is even more important for gaming purposes.

With a 78-degree field of view and bright images that offer autofocus and light correction, you’re going to have a great show every time.

6. Fornorm C922 Pro

Fornorm C922 Pro Image

Not all streaming devices need to be mounted directly onto your computer. This one is designed to sit on a tripod to make sure it captures everything that you’re doing for your viewing public. The tripod holds it steady no matter what you’re doing and makes it a whole lot easier for you to create quality video.

You can mount it directly to a device, however, which makes it more versatile. You’ll have full HD streaming on Wi-Fi, auto-lighting correction, and auto-focus. All of this makes sure that you have a great image. Plus you’ll have stereo audio to add to the quality and features of your experience.

This device gives you a 78-degree field of view and can be used for just about any purpose from streaming videos to creating something for your social media or even making calls and meetings. This type of tripod device also makes it easier to set up your own lighting, to keep things looking great. Take a look at these tips for even more help.

7. Microsoft LifeCam (Budget Winner)

Microsoft LifeCam Image

When it comes to getting a good webcam for not a lot of money, you can’t do better than the Microsoft LifeCam. You’ll get 1080p video that keeps the clarity with no problem. That comes with a simple-to-install device that you can set up and start using immediately.

This camera is small, but it still captures everything you need and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll have a CMOS sensor as well as a widescreen sensor and top quality optics to make sure everything is crystal clear.

There’s also excellent audio and you’ll be connected with USB 2.0.

Why the Best Webcams Matter

Getting the best webcams for your next project definitely matters. Whether you’re planning to stream your favorite video game or carry on a professional call with your boss, you want the quality to be great. That means a camera, microphone, and maybe a little more to really make your image pop. If you need more tech for work, check out these best tablet options.

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