9 Best Camera Straps

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Most cameras that photographers tend to invest in will come with an included strap. In most cases, this will be a neck strap and will provide basic functionality that allows you to easily keep your camera with you – directly around your neck – making it easy to take a shot at any time. The only problem is, these are not the most convenient and comfortable camera straps out there. 

We decided to take a closer look at some of the best camera straps that are currently available on the market. In this list, you will discover a variety of straps, ranging from simple wrist straps to leather straps that provide a more comfortable fit around your neck. Replace your default strap with one of these to elevate your photography experience. 

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1. Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap SLL-BK-3

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If quality is your primary concern when it comes to this type of product, then be sure to have a look at the Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap SLL-BK-3. This product does have a much higher price tag at just under $50, but the overall quality and the sophisticated design featured by the strap truly make it worth the money for many customers.

The strap features aluminum handles and a technology that will ensure your camera stays in place, reducing the risk of falls or losing your camera on your trips. It measures 1.3 inches in width and has a low profile, adding to its overall comfortability and making it easier to hook your camera up and get going. 

2. LIFEMATE Scarf Camera Strap

LIFEMATE Scarf Camera Strap Image

The first of the best camera straps on our list is the LIFEMATE Scarf Camera Strap. This product may be very different from the straps that you are used to – but that is not a bad thing.

While the majority of camera straps tend to come in black leather design, the LIFEMATE brand decided to take something that many people wear – being a scarf – and turn it into a useful camera strap.

This strap is made with a comfortable fabric that will keep you warm and feel soft on your skin. The endings of the camera strap can be easily adjusted to accommodate your personal preferences. 

3. Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap

Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap Image

Next, we have a classic strap that sits around the neck for easy access to your camera when you need to take a shot at a specific moment. The Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap itself is made from a selection of high-quality materials.

It even offers some added features, such as a safety tether, as well as a quick-release function. If you need to get your camera off the strap quickly, you simply press the quick-release button, and it will detach without any issues. The plates are all made from metal instead of plastic to ensure they last longer, and your camera will not break free from the strap. 

4. TARION Camera Shoulder Neck Strap Vintage

TARION Camera Shoulder Neck Strap Vintage Image

If you have a vintage collection and you wish to maintain this style, then take a closer look at the TARION Camera Shoulder Neck Strap. This is a vintage product that comes in a khaki color. If you do like the strap, but not the vintage color scheme, then there are other color varieties available as well.

The strap is super affordable and is made from a durable cotton yard material, and the surface offers anti-slip features to provide you with a better grip. The product is universal and will fit the majority of branded DSLR cameras. The strap has a width that measures 1.5 inches.

5. Waka Camera Neck Strap

Waka Camera Neck Strap

Next up, we have another neck strap that is made from durable materials but still comes at a price that is likely to fit your budget. The Waka Camera Neck Strap has multiple features that a professional photographer will come to appreciate. This neck strap is available in two different styles, including a classic black option and an alternative “Retro” design.

In addition to holding on to your camera for you, the Waka Camera Neck Strap also has an extra zipper pocket that you can use to carry some spare batteries with you, or perhaps your memory card. The strap is made from reinforced materials for better durability and features anti-slip padding. 

6. AmazonBasics Camera Hand Strap

AmazonBasics Camera Hand Strap Image

If you are looking for something basic that has a classic design and comes at an even greater price, then you should consider the AmazonBasics Camera Hand Strap. It was designed to be cross-compatible with most brand-name DSLR cameras, including those from major brands like Sony and Canon.

A strap attachment loop adds extra security when the product is attached to your camera. The strap also has added features to improve stability while holding your camera, as well as to ensure you feel comfortable while using the accessory. The AmazonBasics Camera Hand Strap is also available as a sling strap and a wrist strap option. 

7. USA Gear TrueSHOT Camera Strap

USA Gear TrueSHOT Camera Strap Image

If you want your camera strap to represent your love for art, then be sure to take a close look at the USA GEAR TrueSHOT Camera Strap. The strap comes at a great price and is available in a number of different design varieties, with the “Galaxy” option being particularly popular.

The product is compatible with any type of mirrorless camera, DSLR camera, and also instant point-and-shoot cameras. The USA GEAR TrueSHOT Camera Strap features a quick-release buckle that makes removing your camera from the strap easy, while still adding adequate grip to ensure the camera will not accidentally fall out. 

8. USA GEAR DSLR Camera Strap Chest Harness

USA GEAR DSLR Camera Strap Chest Harness Image

The USA GEAR DSLR Camera Strap Chest Harness is one of the more unique options on our list. Instead of hooking just over your shoulder or around your neck, this is actually a harness that goes over your shoulder and back and then reconnects at the front of the chest, where your camera will be hanging.

You also get access to a number of pockets that can be used to ensure you are able to take your memory cards, spare batteries, films, and other smaller gadgets and accessories with you when you are going out for a photography session. The USA GEAR DSLR Camera Strap Chest Harness is available in a variety of colors and styles, including Black, Galaxy, Polka Dot, and Southwest. 

9. BX Design DSLR Camera Strap

BX Design DSLR Camera Strap Image

The last of the best camera straps that we want to share is the BX Design DSLR Camera Strap. This is really a multifunctional strap that acts as both a hand and a wrist camera strap.

In addition to the strap, you get extra items bundled with the purchase of the product to make the mountain process of your camera significantly easier. The strap is made from a durable material that is able to withstand frequent use, while also be light in weight at the same time. The strap comes with a 180-day warranty for the protection of your investment. 

Choosing the Best Camera Straps

While some people are happy with the strap that is included with the purchase of their professional camera, this is not always the case. Whether you own a Nikon, Sony, Canon, or any other type of professional camera, buying a third-party strap can help you feel more comfortable while you are taking photos and ensure your camera is kept on hand at all times simultaneously.

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