7 Best 67mm Filters

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As your knowledge of photography develops you will undoubtedly want to experiment with new equipment and techniques. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to do this is by using filters.

Lens filters attach to the end of your lens and provide different effects depending on the type of glass coating. Some are purely used as a means of protection. Others, however, allow you to try out different photo techniques, but also give greater control over your compositions.

We have gathered some of the best 67mm filters for your benefit. These filters cover a range of purposes and together, form a complete filter kit for the avid photographer:

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1. Tiffen 67mm Black Pro-Mist Filter

Tiffen 67mm Black Pro-Mist Filter Image

Pro-mist filters are used to control highlight flares and reduce contrast. In addition, they create lighter shadows and a subtle pastel effect to photos.

This ¼ strength filter from Tiffen is not overpowering and offers a limited effect that is excellent for studio work and film photography. This particular lens filter is available in different strengths that increase or decrease the overall effect.

The Black Bro-Mist filter has a quality build and has multi-coated glass too – it will fit securely onto your 67mm lens. Although not a suitable filter for everyday use, this is one of the best creative 67mm filters, especially for those who do studio work.

2. AmazonBasics Circular Polarizer Camera Photography Lens Filter

AmazonBasics Circular Polarizer Camera Photography Lens Image

Another great AmazonBasics product is the circular polarizer filter. The polarizer primarily reduces glare and helps you create balanced lighting in your photos. It also helps to improve the colors of blue skies and deepen their intensity.

Using this filter, you can create some epic landscape shots with increased vivacity. In addition, the multi-coated glass helps protect from dust and dirt and is also waterproof. Moreover, the circular aspect of the filter allows you to control the angle of the polarizing effect.

3. Tiffen 67mm Color-Grad Neutral Density .6 Filter

Tiffen 67mm Color-Grad Neutral Density .6 Filter Image

Tiffen is a top manufacturer of lens filters, offering exceptional quality and reliability. The Tiffen 67mm Color-Grad ND filter is one of the best 67mm filters available.

A color graduated filter has a gradient of colored glass transitioning from clear to a grey coloration. This gives photographers greater control over their shots and allows them to balance images.

For example, if you have a bright sky and a darker foreground, the color graded part of the filter would be focused on the sky to reduce its highlights. This Tiffen filter is high quality and has a strong screw thread to allow for easy connection to your 67mm lenses.

4. Gobe NDX 67mm Variable ND Filter

Gobe NDX 67mm Variable ND Lens Filter Image

There are two types of neutral density (ND) filter – variable and non-variable. Non-variable has a fixed exposure reduction i.e. a certain exposure stop value. Variable ND filters, however, can change the exposure between a set value of exposure stops.

The Gobe NDX 67mm Variable ND filter reduces exposure between one to 8.66 f-stops without affecting the color of the images.

This is one of the best 67mm filters and it’s excellent for use in long exposure photography. They reduce exposure allows you to use much longer shutter speeds without making the image overexposed. Similarly, this filter helps to generally control exposure and adverse lighting conditions.

5. Hoya 67mm 81A Color Correction Filter

Hoya 67mm 81A Color Correction Filter Image

Aside from basic 67mm filters, you can also purchase a range of color correction filters. These filters improve color balance and tones. The Hoya 67mm 81A filter is used to reduce excess blue colors.

In addition to this, it helps improve the overall temperature of photos and adds warm tones to your compositions. This is particularly useful for shots with a prevalent blue coloration like marine photography or landscape shots with bold skies.

It has a multi-coated glass which adds flare prevention and basic lens protection. Aside from landscape photography, this filter is also useful for balancing the blue tones from manual flashes.

6. Hoya 67mm Portrait Filter

Hoya 67mm Portrait Filter Image

This special effect filter from Hoya is known as a didymium filter. It is used primarily for portrait photography to improve the coloration of skin tones.

This type of filter helps boost skin tones and make them more vivid. In addition, it reduces yellows and oranges to create even, balanced tones. The effect is subtle but it can make a huge difference to portrait photos.

Although this 67mm filter does not have any protective coating, it has a strong screw thread and is a great effect filter to add to your collection.

7. AmazonBasics UV Protection Camera Lens Filter (Budget Winner)

AmazonBasics UV Protection Camera Lens Filter Image

Whilst most 67mm filters are used for creative effects and control, the UV filter is all about protection. This is the most basic filter you can purchase. In addition, it is a must-have addition to your lens kit.

Why? Because it adds an additional layer of protection and prevents dust and moisture from damaging your lens glass. Not only that, but it also filters out UV rays that can cause distortion to images.

The AmazonBasics UV Protection filter is one of the best available – it is affordable and offers great protection. It has glass composed of multiple coatings that provide waterproofing and other protection. To start your 67mm filters collection, this protective filter is a great starting point.

Create the Perfect Lens Kit with 67mm Filters

Why not extend your photography kit today? If you have a lens with a 67mm filter thread, then you can utilize any of these 67mm filters. To start, we recommend purchasing the basic UV protection filter – this will ensure your expensive lens glass remains safe and free from damage.

Once you have purchased that, you can look at expanding your 67mm filters to test out some cool new photography techniques.

Aside from 67mm filters, we have buying guides on many different filter sizes. If you own other size lenses, check out our guides on 77mm filters, 62mm filters, or 72mm filters, for example.

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