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6 Best Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell Cameras Image

Home security is of the utmost importance. Everyone has a right to feel safe in their own home. Furthermore, when we go out to work, socializing, or on holiday, we want peace of mind. A doorbell camera is a handy device that can provide this extra security. A doorbell camera is essentially a standard doorbell,

8 Best Underwater Cameras

Best Underwater Cameras Image

While there are countless cameras to keep up with your land-based adventures, the pool suddenly shrinks when those adventures involve water. We typically keep our electronics a safe distance from water and for good reason – it threatens to damage them beyond repair. What is there to do when you want to take your photographer’s

8 Best Binoculars for Kids

kids binoculars-image

Most grown-up children can remember the time when they progressed from their DIY toilet roll optics to real binoculars. These were usually an adult’s expensive set, which they didn’t really want to be covered with sticky fingers, which meant child-friendly alternatives were needed. Binoculars for children depend on their age group and experience, thus bringing

7 Best Fake Security Cameras

Fake Security Cameras Image

Being tasked with finding the best fake security cameras on the market seemed a little strange at first. Especially when the usual course of events is analyzing camera equipment to the nth degree. However, this is an area that should be noted for all photographers, as it’s more than likely that we want to keep

8 Best Cheap Lenses for Canon You Can Buy

Cheap Lenses for Canon Image

If you own a Canon camera, you surely will want to invest in some quality Canon lenses. Nothing is better than the communication between camera and lens when you’re using native lenses. These high-quality robust lenses from Canon can be spendy for those without deep pockets, but never fear! There are some reasonably priced Canon

5 Best Spotting Scopes

Spotting Scope Image

Similar to binoculars, before buying a spotting scope (which has a considerably larger magnification power than the binoculars) the first thing that should come into your mind is what you want it for. Whether you are a nature lover or a birdwatcher, you are into astronomy or hunting, either way, a good spotting scope may

8 Best Film Cameras

Best Film Cameras Image

Despite the stream of new camera models and ever-advancing technology, film photography is making a comeback. Shooting with film is a time-consuming process that yields unpredictable results, yet many photographers are shooting with the best film cameras for those very reasons.  While film photographs don’t always turn out as intended, they achieve a sought-after aesthetic

7 Best Spy Cameras

Spy Cameras Image

The thought of spy cameras usually conjures up mental images of James Bond or undercover documentary types. In the past, the types who had the money and resources to get their hands on these little things were few. Rare and expensive in the past, nowadays technology has made these tiny spy cameras commonplace and very

8 Best Fisheye Lenses

Best Fisheye Lenses Images

Fisheye lenses are perfect for any photographer looking to take creative wide angle shots instead of straight angle perspectives. The fisheye lens offers a panoramic hemispherical image that covers 180° angles, with some lenses going even further offering up to 220° angle coverage.  The lens is capable of producing dynamic, abstract images, making it the

7 Best 85mm Lenses

best 85mm lenses image

I was quite happy being given the task of routing out the best 85mm lenses on the market, having gone through the process recently myself. An 85mm prime lens is traditionally a great focal length for portraits and a nice happy medium between image compression and medium telephoto. My reasoning and thought process for landing

7 Best Cameras for Photography Students

Best Cameras for Photography Students Image

Photography students require a camera rich with features that can be afforded on a student budget. It’s important to make sure that the camera has a manual focus mode so that you can truly build your photography skills. Not to worry, there are several outstanding cameras out there that won’t cost an arm and a

6 Best HD Cameras

Best HD Cameras Image

The technology market is always coming up with new, improved cameras to cater to the rising demand thanks to a sudden increase in social media vloggers recently. High-definition video is any footage with a resolution over 1080p. This is called Full HD and the number refers to the number of vertical lines that make up

6 Best Wireless Home Security Cameras

Wireless Home Security Cameras Image

The wireless home security cameras of today have significantly reduced the occurrences of thefts and break-ins due to their superior ability to provide real-time security footage in high definition, straight to your phone. Some cameras are completely wireless and battery-operated, while others, though equally excellent require a power cord. However, the latter is still able

6 Best Binoculars

Best Binoculars Images

Binoculars come in many different forms. For instance, the best binoculars for birdwatchers would be different from the ones that the hunters use. Similarly, the best binoculars for astronomy have different specifications. Usually, the binoculars are represented with two parameters that tell us about their specifications – their magnification capability and the size of the

7 Best Minolta Lenses

Best Minolta Lenses Image

Knowing what to look for in a lens when you’re going to shop for one is important. Otherwise, you will simply end up wasting both your time and money. There are some standard features that every photographer looks for in a lens, but there are features other than these, such as image quality, price, and

6 Best Cameras for YouTube

Cameras for YouTube Image

Often times, novice YouTube vloggers shoot materials for their vlogs with their phone cameras. Though this may suffice at first, as your channel grows, so must the quality of your content. This means trading in your old smartphone cameras for something bigger and better. There are some standard minimum requirements that you must keep in

4 Best 35mm Canon Lenses

Best Canon 35mm Lenses Image

There are many fantastic brands when it comes to cameras, but it’s no secret that Canon takes the cake when it comes to lenses. What is it that makes Canon’s devices so excellent? Not only are Canon’s solid weatherproof lenses known to last longer than lenses from other camera brands, but they also offer extreme

6 Best Everyday Camera Backpacks

Best Everyday Camera Backpacks Image

Once you’ve purchased your camera and its equipment, you will quickly realize the importance of a robust, spacious, well-built camera bag to protect it. One small crack in your lens and all your hard-earned money goes down the drain.  However, since you’ve purchased the camera and its equipment, you would want to use it to

7 Best Lenses for a Beginner Kit

Best Lenses For A Beginner Kit Image

Collecting photography gear as a budding photographer can feel a little overwhelming. Lenses, in such cases, are undoubtedly the most crucial element for your camera. For a beginner kit, selecting the right lenses to suit your photography style can be a nerve-wracking sport, especially if you want to try your skills in a different photography

8 Best Travel Lenses

Best Travel Lens Image

When traveling, the views to admire are endless. As a photographer, you need to have a fantastic lens to do justice to the sights you wish to capture. A travel lens can make or break the quality of your photographs. Hence you must find the most suitable one for yourself.  There are a few considerations