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5 Best Nikon Prime Lenses Under $1000

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Since the invention of consumer-grade cameras, it has become increasingly common for beginner photographers to start off with a small collection of zoom lenses. While zoom lenses are both versatile and useful, as photographers move up the ladder of experience, many eventually choose to invest their money in prime lenses.  Prime lenses are lenses that

5 Best Manual Lenses

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We live in a time where technology is constantly edging towards automation. Automatic features in things like phones, computers, and cameras have opened the doors for companies to introduce amateur consumers to simplified, understandable forms of complicated processes. Photography has especially benefited from automatic technology; most modern lenses have the ability to autofocus, an advantageous

5 Best Budget Binoculars for Your Money

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As far as expensive hobbies go, a decent, professional pair of binoculars cost a pretty penny. Like cameras, and specifically, camera lenses, binoculars can come with a whole host of pricey features and specifications, including professional quality glass, and the highly coveted ability to image stabilize. Truly top of the line binoculars can easily break