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5 Best CFexpress Cards

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Now that the next generation of professional cameras is here, next-gen memory cards have arrived as well in the form of CFexpress cards. These memory cards are currently the fastest memory cards on the market and serve as the successor to XQD memory cards. The best models offer write speeds of up to 1,480 MB/s

Xiaomi Mi Note 10: Best Mid-Range Camera?

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The world is slowly sitting up and taking notice of newer phone brands. And as one brand that has consistently sold affordable devices, Xiaomi is gradually inching its way out of obscurity. One of the latest additions to the Chinese manufacturer’s catalog is the world’s best mid-range snapper, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. As you

10 Best Cheap Art Graphics Tablets

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In keeping with the digital age, many artists have moved away from conventional ways of achieving artistic expression. These savvy creators no longer employ manual techniques such as applying a paintbrush to canvas or drawing with colored pencils, deciding to let technology do much of the heavy lifting instead. Artists, photographers, and others who employ

7 Best Polaroid Cameras

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The name Polaroid is synonymous with the fun, easy-to-use point-and-shoot instant camera. However, in more recent years, Polaroid has expanded production to offer a new range of cameras. Polaroid has been making world-leading instant cameras since the late 1940s. The iconic design was both aesthetically pleasing and extremely well-functioning. The company has added a few

8 Best Fisheye Lenses

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Fisheye lenses are perfect for any photographer looking to take creative wide angle shots instead of straight angle perspectives. The fisheye lens offers a panoramic hemispherical image that covers 180° angles, with some lenses going even further offering up to 220° angle coverage.  The lens is capable of producing dynamic, abstract images, making it the

Asus ZenWatch 3 Review: A Sleek and Handy Smartwatch

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The Asus ZenWatch 3 probably hasn’t introduced any breakthroughs in terms of functionality but it most definitely turns head thanks to its unrivaled design. The rounded shape resembles a traditional timepiece emphasized by an eclipse-inspired appearance and chronograph-styled buttons. The watch can be easily synchronized with your mobile devices and even used as a remote

Is the Canon 6D Still Worth Buying?

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The Canon EOS 6D, on the market since 2012, is a price conscious DSLR. Beginning photographers and those looking to upgrade their cameras can depend upon this model because of the less aggressive price tag and its multitude of features. The features that make the 6D stand out include unprecedented low-light focusing, a quiet shutter