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Emily is a freelance content creator and photographer. Her passion is to simply create, whether it be through words or visuals. She mainly focuses her content on travel but through that, she fell in love with capturing the world one snap at a time so you will always see her with a camera. She was born and raised in New Jersey but considers herself a citizen of the world.

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Moment 18mm M-series Wide Lens Review: The Smartphone Lens You Need

With the enhancement of cameras on smartphones, add-on lenses have been commonly used. The main issue with these smartphone camera lenses is the optical quality that usually is not the best since many lenses are inexpensive. On the other end, there are smartphone lenses that produce incredible image quality but comes with difficult attachment mechanisms.

DJI Smart Controller Review: Is It a Necessity?

DJI is known for the drones and has been extremely successful with their user-friendly flying cameras. Those who fly drones notice that most upgrades happen within controllers which is why they are constantly released. With that, DJI happened to launch a new controller, the DJI Smart Controller. This controller is an accessory for DJI’s OccuSync

A Look Into the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

Huawei announced their new P-series that is dedicated to giving its consumers top-notch devices for photography, which is what the “P” stands for. Like the company’s older models, you can expect lots of new features to these phones including an improved camera system, upgraded processors, and loads of other qualities. The main objective of this

The Nikon D3500: Simple, Easy and Afforable

With mirrorless cameras now on the market, DSLRs have had some heavy competition especially since mirrorless cameras are so compact and light. Well, Nikon just shifted the game a bit with its release of the D3500, an upgraded version of the D3400. This new model has become Nikon’s cheapest, simplest, and lightest DSLR camera yet.

How Tough Is the Olympus TG-5?

The Olympus TG-5 is the fifth generation in this series from Olympus. With constant improvement with each iteration, this camera sets that standard high within the waterproof category. Do not let the simple design and lens from its previous models fool you. With the TG-5, the performance level will please many with its 4K video

A Look Into the Canon EOS 5DS

Canon extends its 5D line which has been revolutionary within the photography world. This line has combined qualities the professional and amateur photographers want in cameras –  allowing each to have an affordable camera that shoots full-frame. Aside from its full-frame, it is also a bit smaller and lighter than other full-frame cameras that shoot

Review: Snapchat Spectacles v2.0 Make a Comeback

In an effort to boost declining ratings for their social media platform, Snapchat announced the release of its original Spectacles in September 2016. The first version of the Spectacles were sunglasses with an embedded camera that allowed you to record 10-second video clips hands-free. The hype was high for these glasses and everyone was excited