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Rokinon SP 35mm f/1.2: Exceeding Expectations

Rokinon SP 35mm f/1.2 Image-3

It really does feel strange recommending a prime lens such as the Rokinon SP 35mm f/1.2 over other third-party versions or even same-make offerings. Traditionally, I’ve always thought of Rokinon stuff as budget-friendly alternatives, but those days have long since gone. This is basically the same scenario as what happened with Sigma and Tamron lenses

5 Best Sony 35mm Lenses

Sony 35mm Lenses Image

When us photographers are talking about standard focal length lenses, we are usually describing either a 50mm or 35mm version. A 50mm prime (no association with Optimus Prime from the Transformers movies) is the most common, with the 35mm providing a slightly wider angle. Many prefer the 35mm focal length as it’s not just a

Genaray SP-AD75 SpectroLED-14 LED Light: Alternative Light Power

Genaray SP-AD75 SpectroLED-14 LED Light Image

Ever since tiny LED lights gained enough power and reliability to be used in commercial settings, they have been an option for not just video work, but also stills photography. Constant illumination may seem reserved for video work, but more and more photographers are using constant LED lighting as more predictable light-shaping solutions. This is

5 Best ZEISS Lenses Under $1000

ZEISS Lenses Under $1,000 Image

ZEISS lenses have always commanded a certain level of respect in the optics world. The company seems to have been around since quality optics became a thing, first making microscopes, then putting all that scientific knowledge into camera optics. Fast forward roughly a century and a half and the company is still producing world-renowned glass.

6 Best Nikon Medium Telephoto Lenses

Nikon Medium Telephoto Lens Image

If your primary interests are capturing action, wildlife, events or need a bit of extra focal reach, a Nikon medium telephoto lens is the first consideration. Telephoto lenses are generally those over 60mm in focal length, with the medium telephoto zoom variety generally falling into the camp of 70-200mm. The very common and highly useful

5 Best Macro Filters

Macro Filters Image

If you fancy the idea of capturing the smallest of subjects but can’t quite stretch to the cost of a dedicated macro lens, then macro filters are a good option. Also referred to as close-up filters, these inexpensive accessories are more lenses than anything else, turning any regular zoom or prime lens into a macro

5 Best Octo Lights for Photography

Octo Lights for Photography Image

Octo lights, or octagonal softboxes, are a type of light diffuser commonly used in studio photography, or wherever the quality of light needs to be controlled. Softboxes come in a range of shapes and sizes, ranging from the rectangular, square, strip, and obviously the octagonal-shaped varieties. So, why use octo lights for photography in the

5 Best Wide-Angle Prime Lenses for Canon

Wide-Angle Prime Lenses for Canon Image

Wide-angle prime lenses for Canon cameras have literally loads of scope for potential, with the ability to capture the widest of viewpoints. This is why this type of lens has been a favorite of landscape shooters since day one. A wide-angle lens can produce very creative images where the perspective can be exaggerated for both