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Amna Eltawil is an Egyptian journalist. Through her years of journalism, she has worked for top publications and organizations like John Maxwell organization, the International Herald Tribune, and Al Wafd. She also worked for the largest media network in the middle east: MBC on a full-time basis. When she is not working, Amna can probably be found in bed with a book cuddling with her beloved Siberian Husky.

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9 Best Leica Lenses, Expert Recommended

Leica S2 Image

German manufacturer, Leica, is incredibly well-known for its photography gear. Leica lenses, in addition to other equipment, comes highly recommended. The design of their products is unique, and their high-quality build is sturdy. With over a hundred years of experience in manufacturing, Leica has earned itself a spot in the Hall of Fame for camera

9 Best Camera Straps

Best Camera Straps Image

Most cameras that photographers tend to invest in will come with an included strap. In most cases, this will be a neck strap and will provide basic functionality that allows you to easily keep your camera with you – directly around your neck – making it easy to take a shot at any time. The

8 Best Affordable Lighting Kits

Affordable Lighting Kits Image

An affordable lighting kit is an essential accessory for photographers who frequently shoot indoors. While nature controls the major lighting outdoors, once you step foot inside a building, there is limited natural light the sun can provide. Videographers also depend upon lighting kits for video when they can’t depend on natural lighting. Due to this

4 Best Wireless Camera Microphones

Wireless Camera Microphones Image

A microphone is perhaps one of the most important tools in modern-day multimedia. Whether you’re filming a video, interviewing someone, or lecturing an audience, the use of a microphone is always necessary. High-quality microphones lend a strong vibe to your visual content by producing excellent audio. Wireless options are becoming even more important in this

10 Best Light Meters

Light Meters Image

Every serious photographer knows that light is one of the most critical components of a shot. The available lighting determines your ISO settings, shutter speed, and aperture. When shooting in automatic mode, it’s less crucial for you to pay attention to the lighting as your camera does it for you. When transitioning to manual mode,

9 Best UV Protection Lens Filters

UV Filters Image

When shooting outdoors, you need to make sure that your camera has the same protection as your eyes. You may not have known this, but ultraviolet (UV) rays can affect the inner workings of your lens. Newer model lenses usually have special coatings that help prevent damage, but a UV protection lens filter will make

Essential Camera Accessories All Photographers Should Have

Essential Camera Accessories Image

While a camera and few lenses are the basics of any photographer’s camera kit, there are a few extra accessories that are crucial for all photographers to have on hand. Even though there is a large selection of accessories on the market, they are not all equally essential. We did a little research and considered

10 Best Leather Camera Straps

Best Leather Camera Straps Image

The standard strap included with a new camera might be appropriate for basic use, but many people find them to be uncomfortable and aesthetically unappealing. Upgrading to a quality, long-lasting leather camera strap could not only improve your style, but also your morale. Switching your strap to a leather option can greatly improve the comfort

7 Best Monopods

Best Monopods Image

Without stability, images can turn out unfocused and blurry. Having some sort of camera support, whether a tripod or a monopod, is absolutely essential for a photographer.  While most of us know what a tripod is, a monopod is exactly what it sounds like – a tripod with only one leg. This may not make

9 Best Cheap Lights for Photography

Best Cheap Photography Lights Image

Lighting for photography is crucial for taking high-quality photos. Proper lighting can help accentuate the subject of the image with clarity and sharpness. Good lighting for photography lets you bring your creativity to the forefront and create whatever photographic mood your heart desires. There are many photographers’ lighting options available, whether in the studio or

8 Best Cheap Lenses for Nikon

Best Cheap Lenses for Nikon Image

When you buy a Nikon DSLR camera, it usually comes with a ‘kit lens’ – either an 18-55mm model or an 18-140mm model. This is generally the first lens that a photographer starts with. But sometimes, you want to expand the ability of your camera with an affordable Nikon lens. Kit lenses offer a fairly

6 Best Studio Strobe Lights

Studio Strobe Lights Image

Creating your own lighting during shoots and not relying on natural lighting or your camera flash allows you to take full control of the mood in your photos. Good lighting is crucial for creating the perfect ambiance. There are plenty of ways to do this, be it the strategic angling of a lighting umbrella or

8 Best Cheap Lenses for Canon

Cheap Lenses for Canon Image

If you own a Canon camera, you surely will want to invest in some quality Canon lenses. Nothing is better than the communication between camera and lens when you’re using native lenses. These high-quality robust lenses from Canon can be costly for those without deep pockets, but never fear! There are some cheap lenses for

4 Best HD Cameras

Best HD Cameras Image

The technology market is always coming up with new, improved cameras to cater to the rising demand thanks to a sudden increase in social media vloggers recently. High-definition video is any footage with a resolution over 1080p. This is called Full HD and the number refers to the number of vertical lines that make up

6 Best Wireless Home Security Cameras

Wireless Home Security Cameras Image

The wireless home security cameras of today have significantly reduced the occurrences of thefts and break-ins due to their superior ability to provide real-time security footage in high definition, straight to your phone. Some cameras are completely wireless and battery-operated, while others, though equally excellent require a power cord. However, the latter is still able

7 Best Minolta Lenses

Best Minolta Lenses Image

Knowing what to look for in a lens when you’re going to shop for one is important. Otherwise, you will simply end up wasting both your time and money. There are some standard features that every photographer looks for in a lens, but there are features other than these, such as image quality, price, and

6 Best Cameras for YouTube

Cameras for YouTube Image

Often times, novice YouTube vloggers shoot materials for their vlogs with their phone cameras. Though this may suffice at first, as your channel grows, so must the quality of your content. This means trading in your old smartphone cameras for something bigger and better. There are some standard minimum requirements that you must keep in

5 Best Canon 35mm Lenses

Best Canon 35mm Lenses Image

There are many fantastic brands when it comes to cameras, but it’s no secret that Canon takes the cake when it comes to 35mm lenses. What is it that makes Canon’s 35mm lenses so excellent? Not only are Canon’s solid weatherproof lenses known to last longer than lenses from other camera brands, but they also

6 Best Everyday Camera Backpacks

Best Everyday Camera Backpacks Image

Once you’ve purchased your camera and its equipment, you will quickly realize the importance of a robust, spacious, well-built camera bag to protect it. One small crack in your lens and all your hard-earned money goes down the drain.  However, since you’ve purchased the camera and its equipment, you would want to use it to

7 Best Lenses for a Beginner Kit

Best Lenses For A Beginner Kit Image

Collecting photography gear as a budding photographer can feel a little overwhelming. Lenses, in such cases, are undoubtedly the most crucial element for your camera. For a beginner kit, selecting the right lenses to suit your photography style can be a nerve-wracking sport, especially if you want to try your skills in a different photography