Meet DOTMOT: The Camera Kit Replica Made Entirely of Paper

Human imagination has no limits, and that’s definitely a good thing. Creativity and a little bit of effort are all that’s necessary to create some truly awesome things, and you’re going to love this one – camera kit made entirely from paper. Yes, we’re serious! The paper camera was created by DOTMOT, a Seoul-based motion

Google Pixel 3 AI Allows Users to Snap Amazing Selfies

Let’s be honest; we all love a good selfie. We take selfies on our own, with friends and family, to create memories, to mark a special occasion, you name it. Bearing in mind how much people love selfies, manufacturers started designing and creating their devices and software to enhance our overall experience. Google is about

Raspberry Pi Project Turns into an Etch-A-Snap Camera

The Raspberry Pi system has given people an endless number of possibilities, with creativity truly being the only limitation. What Martin Fitzpatrick built, however, was something unseen among both the photography community and enthusiasts who dabble with the Raspberry Pi system. He built quite a fascinating device that draws a photograph onto an Etch-A-Sketch device. 

Dead Fly in Lens Barely Affects Image Quality

Roger Cicala at Lens Rentals, along with his team, made quite a discovery last week. After their Canon 70-200mm F2.8L IS II lens has been circulating for over three years, a fly ended up in the lens. Prior to taking on a very intricate task of removing the dead fly from the lens, the team

A Beginner’s Guide to Camera Lens Filters

I have to admit, I was a late starter to the lens filter game. Back in the film days lens filters were the norm, but with the advent of digital it initially felt like all the tricks photo filters could perform could be done in software. Oh, how wrong. It took some time to get

Olympus PEN E-PL9 Review: Brilliant for Beginners

If you have recently shifted from a smartphone and trying to learn to use a proper camera for photography, then the Olympus PEN E-PL9 is designed for you, because the company is targeting the same audience with the launch of this camera. With its bigger sensor and more powerful features, it delivers some great quality

Moment 18mm M-series Wide Lens Review: The Smartphone Lens You Need

With the enhancement of cameras on smartphones, add-on lenses have been commonly used. The main issue with these smartphone camera lenses is the optical quality that usually is not the best since many lenses are inexpensive. On the other end, there are smartphone lenses that produce incredible image quality but comes with difficult attachment mechanisms.

How to Paint with Light on the Cheap

Light painting or painting with light is as old as photography itself. Taking a long exposure while moving a light source around in the frame, creating very artistic and dramatic results should be a trick in every photographer’s arsenal. From Picasso to modern Instagram images – all utilize this technique to great effect and the

DJI Smart Controller Review: Is It a Necessity?

DJI is known for the drones and has been extremely successful with their user-friendly flying cameras. Those who fly drones notice that most upgrades happen within controllers which is why they are constantly released. With that, DJI happened to launch a new controller, the DJI Smart Controller. This controller is an accessory for DJI’s OccuSync

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM: The Best Macro Lens

Canon’s 100mm f/2.8L lens is no new lens to the market. This lens made its debut in the middle of 2009. Despite its age, photographers will definitely enjoy using this lens. It has a convenient and practical focal length while still remaining quite light. You also can’t forget about the incredible image quality. When Canon

Yashica About to Launch 35mm Film, Photographers Uninterested

Yashica certainly rose more than a few eyebrows with the latest announcement about the launch of their 35mm film. It seems like the company is trying to rebuild itself in a competitive market in times when people prefer their smartphones over carrying a camera wherever they go. The company, which was founded in Nagano in

A Look Into the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

Huawei announced their new P-series that is dedicated to giving its consumers top-notch devices for photography, which is what the “P” stands for. Like the company’s older models, you can expect lots of new features to these phones including an improved camera system, upgraded processors, and loads of other qualities. The main objective of this

Tips for Finding the Best Natural Light for Portraits

Recognizing good light is one of the foundation skills for any photographer. Setting up ideal lighting situations in the studio is one thing, but being able to capture quality, natural light brings its own set of skills. Carrying over lighting set-ups in the studio is going to help a lot with translating things like key

North Focals Are Changing the Reputation of Smart Glasses

We have seen smart glasses make a presence in the technology world with some flops, but North Focals have been resilient in comparison to competitors. First, it was Google that came out with Google Glass but the build was not as practical. Focals by North are smart glasses that do not look like smart glasses

The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art: Still One of the Best

When the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art was released in 2013, it stirred up the photography world. It became the first full-frame prime lens that was a part of Sigma’s Global Vision Art series. The lens itself gave its competitors a run for their money mainly for its price point but also its quality.


Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM: Flat and Accurate

If you have never seen one of these pancake lens designs before, you’d be forgiven for thinking it is an adapter rather than a Prime lens. At only 22mm thick, the lens features the first ‘STM’ type motor from Canon, which has the advantage of being both smooth and quiet, which is ideal for video


Panasonic DC-TZ200: Compact Quality

The Panasonic DC-ZS200 (or DMC-TZ200 to the rest of the world) is an ultra-compact camera aimed at the travel market. One of its standout features is the impressive 24-360mm focal range, UHD 4K video, 5-axis Hybrid IS, and Leica inspired lens for good measure. The camera follows on from the respected ZS100 with improvements where


The Highly Anticipated Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art

The Sigma 85mm F1.4 Art lens was highly anticipated and with some of the first encounters with the lens, feedback has read that it is one of the sharpest 85mm lenses around. Some reports have said that it is comparable to the Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GM and even one of the best performers in

Sony Has a 35mm 100MP Full-Frame Sensor with 6K Video for Consumer Cameras

Sony is taking the powerful-sensor-development lead again. It appears Sony is on its way to launch a 100-megapixel full-frame sensor. According to reports, Sony has developed a new 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor for consumer cameras. The new sensor is capable of capturing high-quality images in 100 megapixels and shooting 6K videos. The news was first


Tamron SP 85mm f/1.8 Di VC USD Primed Winner

The Tamron SP 85mm f/1.8 Di VC USD is a high-end lens, part of Tamron’s Super Performance range, aimed at the serious photographer or professional. The lens bucks the trend in the prime market being f/1.8 rather than f/1.4, but it does have the advantage of image stabilization. As a top end lens, it does

The Sony RX0 II Redefines the Action Camera

Back in 2017, Sony released the first generation of the Sony RX0. It did not boom as the company probably expected due to the strong competitions it faced – GoPro cameras. But what Sony did was impressive – with all the features it put in such a compact body. If the word got around quicker,

Ricoh Offering Free Fix for GR III Cameras Affected by Wobbly Dial

After noticing several reports by customers regarding a wobbly control dial on their latest street photography camera, Ricoh announced this week that they would offer free repairs to customers with a camera affected by the defect. The camera that seem to be affected by the issue is the latest Ricoh GR III. Only selected serial

Slow Motion Camera Rig Shoots Video at 150 RPM

A video was posted on the Macro Room YouTube channel this week with a video that is quickly going viral. The slow-motion video is quite impressive, thanks to the owner of the channel partnering up with just the right people to set up a spinning camera rig that can produce videos to capture actions at

New Tools Added to the Latest Adobe Premiere Pro Update

Adobe announced the release of a major update to their Premiere Pro application just a few days ago. The new update comes with a range of new features to enhance the user’s experience, along with several improvements to existing features. At the same time, some users may find compatibility issues arises when they update too


Peak Design Leash Camera Strap Review: When Weight Matters

A camera strap is one of those accessories which in the beginning of your photography journey feels like anything will do the job. Many cameras come with an included strap, but your needs will start to become more specific with experience. For instance, a camera strap may need to be longer than what you have,


The Best GoPro Accessories You Should Own

‘Accessorize’ is the name of the game when you own any type of GoPro. There are a few ‘bits’ that come with the camera, but you will soon be wanting for the plethora of add-ons, even inventing ways to use a certain piece of kit (or an excuse to buy something). There’s a huge array

Fitbit Ionic: Did Fitbit’s First Smartwatch Hit the Mark?

Fitbit has been designing fitness trackers for a long time and it’s the only thing the company is known for. But recently, with the launch of the Fitbit Ionic, the company has decided to step into a new world of smartwatches. The Ionic offers a similar feature set and proves to be a serious contender

Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic: What’s Old Is New Again

The story, as I heard it, was that after Dr. Land took a picture of a young relative, the child asked, “Why can’t I see it now?” Sometime after that, the instant photography market was born. In these days of digital imaging and social media, it seems that few people even think about that original

The Nikon D3500: Simple, Easy and Afforable

With mirrorless cameras now on the market, DSLRs have had some heavy competition especially since mirrorless cameras are so compact and light. Well, Nikon just shifted the game a bit with its release of the D3500, an upgraded version of the D3400. This new model has become Nikon’s cheapest, simplest, and lightest DSLR camera yet.

Leica Q2 Review: A “Luxury” Camera

The Leica Q2 is the second and upgraded model of the Leica Q. It has a simple concept where it shoots at a wide angle, with sharp and bright details with a full-frame image sensor. Above all, the great part of this camera is its compact size that is convenient to pack while on the

Fujifilm X-E3: Fujifilm’s Smallest Feature-Packed X-Series Camera

The Fujifilm X-E3 is the most recent addition to the X-Series mirrorless cameras. It replaces the old X-E2S and features 24.3MP X-Trans COMS III Sensor. X-T2 and X-T20 were designed to compete against DSLR style cameras with a central viewfinder while the X-E3 features the rangefinder style design such as the X-Pro2, but with a

Canon EOS RP: An Affordable Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

The release of the Canon EOS RP did not shake the camera market. Due to many companies innovating the types of cameras they are releasing, there have been inexpensive, full-frame cameras already on the market. When it comes to the EOS RP, the features tend to be similar to older models but for a cheaper


A Closer Look at the Nikon KeyMission 360

It may seem odd that the likes of Nikon have come late to the action camera territory, but better late than never and now with the KeyMission 80, the company is hitting the VR-ready video market. The 360 4K market isn’t overflowing with competitors as yet, so we will see if the long-standing camera makers

Olympus Innovates the Action Camera with TG-Tracker

Olympus has experience and a reputation for making rugged cameras. Its Tough Series has amped up the competition as there are more rugged point-and-shoot cameras out on the market but the TG-Tracker is Olympus’ first true action camera. This model is one that stands out from the rest, simply through its design. Olympus decided to

Looking Into the Leica D-Lux (Typ 109)

As the camera industry is evolving, Leica is making sure that it is keeping up with the evolution. Nowadays, it is common to see compact cameras with large sensors so the competition between many companies is at an all-time high. These type of compact cameras are so popular because they can deliver the same top-of-the-line


Can the Kodak PIXPRO S-1 Stand Up Against the Competition?

The Kodak Pixpro S-1 is a Micro Four Thirds camera hitting the market for those buying into their first camera with interchangeable lenses. It’s an all in one package, except for a built-in flash (only a hot shoe), providing stills and video, along with some not so obvious features like 360° scan panorama, Full HD

The Sony RX0 Creating a New Category for Cameras

When the launch of the Sony RX0 dropped, the camera industry was shaken up. Sony has been known for creating incredible, high-quality cameras but this small and compact camera was different. As a company that has been making its presence known in the camera world, many were wondering if Sony could be a leading brand.


Panasonic HC-VX1: 4K Video and More…

For those wanting a dedicated 4K video machine with a huge zoom range, optical image stabilization, and good lowlight performance, the Panasonic HC-VX1 seems to tick all the boxes. However, it does come with some caveats which we will check out below and see if everything in this all-in-one dedicated box fits well into this